So far as the first section of this book is concerned, I have little to acknowledge to anyone (except, of course, the Vedic RSis themselves, and the modern scholars responsible for fundamental books on the Rigveda, such as Ralph T.H. Griffith and ViSvabandhu, whose translation and word concordance, respectively, have been of fundamental help to me), since this section is almost entirely a product of my study.

However, in respect of the second and third sections of my book, I must first and foremost acknowledge my deep gratitude to the eminent Belgian scholar, Koenraad Elst, not only for his constant interest and encouragement, but, more practically, for the various papers and books sent to me by him (including Erdosy-Witzel-Skjærvø, Winn, Nichols, Bryant etc.) which were of invaluable help in these two sections of the book.

This, of course, is apart from the debt owed by me, as by all true Indians, to this great friend, sympathiser and benefactor of India, whose brilliant writings have contributed to, or aided, the Indian cause.

Also, I am very grateful to two Indian students in the U.S.A. for various papers and books sent to me, which (particularly the invaluable Gnoli) proved to be of great help, and also for the enthusiasm with which they constantly expressed their readiness to send me any information or material required: Dileep Karanth (Gnoli, etc.) and Sudhir Subrahmanya (Mair, etc.).

And my deepest gratitude is to Shri Sita Ram Goel for the wonderful and comprehensive index to this book so painstakingly prepared by him; and even more so for the fact that, but for him, neither this book nor its predecessor would ever have seen the light of day.

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