Statement made before the Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee



No. 1

Name-Baburao Gyanuji Navaghare. 
Age-36 years.
Address-Mission Bungalow, Malkapur.

I am a born Christian.  I live in the compound of Missionary bungalow.  The name of the Missionary is Lewellan from America. I have been residing here from 1¼ years.  I do not know how to tell lies because God has taught me to speak truth. I shall never tell lie before the Commission.  I get Rs. 55 per month from Synod. I belong to the Alliance Mission. I am a preacher here for the last 1¼  years. I preach in Malkapur as well as in the countryside. I may have preached in 30 or 35 villages. I preach only what is in the Bible but I do not refer to any other religion, their Gods and Goddesses.  In the course of my preaching I never hold out any inducement of material gain.  This is entirely repugnant to my religion.  In the Exodus, 17th chapter, 20 verse, it is not said that one should not offer any inducement or bribes to people to bring them to God.  The Missionaries do not take any part in politics.  If they were to tell me anything of a subversive type, I will atonce report to the Police. I am definitely of opinion that those who are against our Government or our country, should not be allowed to stay in India.  To the best of my knowledge and belief there is no Missionary who preaches against the Government.  There may be about 40 individuals young and old in Malkapur who are Christians. I have so far had no harassment from the public or from police or from the other Government officer’s.  For about 17 or 18 years I was at Akola and I am here for the last 1¼ years.

At Akola I was a warden of the hostel and preacher.  There was no Hindu boy in the hostel at Akola. I was educated in the Mission school at Akola.  The Hindu boys in the Mission school are not given any inducement of being sent to America or the marriage with Christian girls.

To Chairman-

I do not tell anything against idol preaching.  What I preach is that Jesus Christ is Saviour. I do not know how many foreign Missionaries are there.  I get my pay from Synod. I file the pamphlet entitled Christian and Missionary Alliance of India, Akola.

No. 2

Name-Nathan Anandrao Hiwale.
Age-48 years.

I am Pastor of the Church of Malkapur for the last four months.  There are 14 members and about 40, including children. I get Rs. 139 as my pay from Synod. I was Pastor of the Church of Jalgaon.  That Church belongs to Alliance Church, an American church. I was there for one year.  Jalgaon is in East Khandesh. I was at Yeotmal Seminary as a student for two years. I know Dr. Cline, Rev. Gaikawad, Rev. Samudre at Yeotmal. I know Rev. Groff and Burkhard.  Miss Burkhalter is also at Yeotmal. I know all these people from Yeotmal. I had no occasion to go to Umri or Washim. I was at Yeotmal in 1952-53.  I do not know one Puranmal Misra who had come to Yeotmal Church.  A student by name S. Kumar was also studying in Seminar.  There were also two South-Indians both named Vargese. I do not believe that S. Kumar would ever preach as fellows:-

“We must be one if divided how shall we conquer India?” I have never heard any uttering of these words. I do not think that he has any such idea as to bring about the union of Christians in order to rule India.  The expression “Kingdom of heaven” occurring in Lords prayer has no connection with mundane kingdom.  It is spiritual.  There were about 30 students when I was there. The staff consisted of about eight teachers.  The number of students that I mentioned, includes girl students.  Rev. Gaikawad is a man of principle and I do riot believe that he will ever offer any inducement for conversion.  Dr. Cline is a very capable preacher.  She never concerns about the worldly things. He preaches about spiritual things. I know the Missionaries at Akola.  Offering of inducement is repugnant to the teachings of Christian religion.  In my tour of preaching at Malkapur and other villages I never offered any inducement.  There have been no conversions as a result of my preaching during the last seven or eight years.  The American Missionaries never indulge in subversive activities or even speak about them.

To Chairman-

There are 14 communicant members in the Malkapur Church.  They pay subscription.  My grand-father had become Christian. I cannot say of what caste I was before. I have been in Church service during the last ten years.  The synod is composed of members elected by the various churches.  They may be members if they are elected by the churches.  They means the foreign Missionaries.  In the Seminary, the course of study includes Bible as text book.  There was no text book on Theology.  As regards other religion there was a book written by Dr. Hume.  That God whom I regard as God may or may not be accepted by adherents of other religions but I believe that it is only Jesus God saved me.

No. 3

Name-Ramrao Bhagwantrao Deshpande.
Age-68 years.

Out of my six sons one by name Anant Ramrao embraced Christianity three years ago.  He had learnt composing in a local Printing Press.  But it was a precarious occupation.  Then he used to sell some cinema books, etc.  Then he used to keep away from home for days together and behaved in a queer way when I asked his conduct he was giving unsatisfactory answer.  Then he disappeared.  He came to me during the last month twice or thrice. As he had no employment nor had he any chance of getting it.  After he became a Christian he was preaching Christianity.  He married a Christian girl.

To Mr. Tiwari of Mungeli-

Besides 6 sons I have got 4 daughters.  My wife is alive.  Anant Ramrao is about 30 years of age.  He became a Christian 3 years ago.  I learnt about his conversion 2½ years ago.  No Christian preacher came to my house.  I do not know any Christian preacher at Malkapur.  He lives at Varangaon.  He was at Bodwad.  He studied up to VIII class.  He had not lost his reason.  I did not teach him anything of Ramayan or Geeta.  I cannot say the doctrine in Geeta.  My son told me that he was induced by the Missionary to become a Christian, on the offer of material gain.  This is said about 2 years ago.  My son did not tell me that the Missionaries were offering him inducement and that he was to adopt Christianity.  The boy was living in the house usually. I do not know about his movement whether he was living in Missionaries’ house.  He told me that he got married and also got children.  This was about a y I ear and a half ago. I was never offered any inducement, nor was anybody induced in my presence.  I cannot say how many people were induced to become Christians.  I am absolutely ignorant about it, as to whether anybody was induced.  My religion is Brahaman Dharm.  It is well-known what Brahman Dharm is.  I know Brahman Dharm very well and there may be others and I do not know, them.  There is no such book like Arya Samaj Book or Bible in Brahman Dharm book.  My son is preaching Christian religion.  I never heard his preaching.

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