Oral Statement made before the Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee.


No. 1

Name-Nalini K. Yengad.
Occupation-Nurse in hospital in Washim.

I am working as staff nurse in the Mission hospital at Washim.  There are about 25-30 nurses.  There are two foreign American doctors, one a male and another a lady doctor. I get Rs. 97 pay per month.  This is paid out of the hospital fund.  Salary of the doctors is paid out of the funds received from America.

2. I am a born Christian.  All the nurses in the hospital are Christians. Before we begin the regular hospital work we offer the prayers, imploring divine aid for the recovery of the inpatients of the hospital.  We do not invite the Hindus to join the prayers.  Prayers are not compulsory to non-Christians.  There is a lady preacher.  She is an Indian.  In our preaching we never deride or condemn any non-Christian religion.  We only say like Jesus “preach and heal”.  We also preach “good news”.  There is a complaint that we charge non-Christian patients but grant free medicines to Christians.  Concession is given to poor patients, Christians and non-Christians.  It is altogether false that the babies born in the hospital are asked to be parted with by Mother.  I do not know a man by name Dharmsing from Pusad. I do not know Mr. Pallewar, pleader, Komti from Pusad. I do not know whether Mr. Pallewar’s wife ever came to the hospital. I do not know that after Shantabai, wife of Rajeshkumar, lost her baby in the hospital that the preachers induced him to be Christian. I would never believe that Christian preachers, Indian or foreign will ever resort to such methods. I do not know if Khodke master’s wife had been to the hospital.  I do not know such matters, as my duty is to coach the purses in nursing.  It is not true that when the Mission starts work in hospital they have any idea of doing any wrong to India.

No. 2

Name-Shrimati Bhagubai.
Occupation-Nurse in Mission Hospital, Washim.

To Mr. Tiwari.-

There is no non-Christian who is compelled to become Christian in the Mission hospital nor any inducement of material gain is given.  Nor do the Missionaries act in a way as to be prejudicial to India's interest or their allegiance to the country.  I get my pay out of the hospital fund.  The missionaries get their salary from funds received from America.  The Missionaries have come only for service.  I find from the hospital record that Mrs. Palaskar by name Sindubai Komti from Pusad was in the hospital from 9th to 18th October 1951.  She gave birth to a female child who was also undergoing treatment up to 4th November 1951. Although the records show that the mother was discharged from 18th October 1951 and the baby was discharged on 5th November 1951 the fact was the mother was staying in the hospital till 5th November 1951.  She left the hospital with her child. I can positively say that no patient is detained in the hospital against his will and consent.  If any non-Christian comes to the hospital we do not lay down any condition that unless anybody becomes a Christian we will not treat him.

To the Chairman-

Forty per cent of the hospital fund conies from America and 60 per cent is collected here. (Miss Nalinibai confirms this statement).

No. 3

Father’s name-Narayan Yengad.

I embraced Christianity.  I was originally of Harijan caste.  I became Christian 28 years ago.  No body offered me any inducement of being married to any Christian girl or other material gain to become Christian. I became a Christian because so long as I was Hindu by religion I was not even admitted to the Hindu temples and I was supposed to inferior.  I then went to live in a boarding house at Buldana, which was conducted by the Nazerene Mission.  At Washim also the same mission is functioning. Formerly there was a Mission middle school at Buldana.  In the boarding the inmates included Brahmins and other Hindu caste as well as Christians and untouchables.  There I received the full rights of equality.  There is the boarding house as well in School.  Christians used to treat me with affection. I read the Bible and learnt that Lord Jesus shed his blood cut of his love for humanity and that in his eyes as well as in Gods eyes all human beings are equal. I felt that I was a sinner and that by embracing Christianity I would be redeemed of my sin with the aid of Jesus as a mediator.

I am now working as a pastor. I get Rs. 80 per month.  But before I became a Christian no inducement was offered to me that I would be made a pastor.  I am paid out of Church fund.  Church funds are managed by our Indians.  The Secretary is Shri Dongardive. I have heard that now the Congress Government is giving facilities to the Harijans in the matter of education and other conveniences.  Now I find that the Harijans go to the temples.  They are allowed to take water out of the well but they are not allowed to dine with Brahmins.  At Washim Harijans are allowed to come into the hotel.  There is no restriction now at the railway station or so.

I will not like to be an Arya Samajist even in spite of these amenities are granted to the Harijans. I do not want to be Arya Samajist because I believe that my sins can be forgiven only by Jesus Christ. I know one Dharamsing of Pusad, as also a boy named Shankar Allaya.  I was at Pusad for 6 years from 1946-1952.  It is not true that a girl is offered to Shankar Allaya.  In my whole life I never offered any inducement of this kind or of any other material gain to any one who became a Christian.  To my knowledge and within my hearing no Christian ever said that the Congress Government was not good.  To the best of my knowledge the Missionaries are here to render humanitarian work and not to get control over the Indians.  In my preaching I never denounce either Ram or Krishna or denounce Hindu religion.

To Chairman-

There is one Church at Washim of which I am the pastor. I am also the preacher with the authority to baptise. 300 members constitute the congregation.  The collections made from them every month amount to Rs. 300.  There is only one church in the whole taluq.  No contribution is received from foreign fund into the church fund.  We maintain a baptism register in church.  Since 1947 no non-Christian has been baptised. I go round the villages to preach Christian religion.  Whit I tell them is that Jesus Christ is alone the saviour of humanity and capable of forgiving their sins.

“Do you tell them about vicarious atonement?” (The witness is not able to follow).  The principle doctrines of the Christian religion are that there is only one God and that he sent his own begotten son into the world to save the humanity from sin.  This humanity inherited the sin from Adam.  After he was crucified there was resurrection and he is aiding humanity in order to cure.  The Americans give us training in religion.  I was in the Bible training School for 3 years.  I know Lord’s prayer.  By Lord I mean God who may be common to Hindus and Christians.   In these acts of the Apostle it is said that Jehovah sent his son to the earth.  Jehovah is the creator and lord of the universe.  Muslims regard Jehovah as Alla.

No. 4

Name-Shankar Gopal Dabir.
Age-63 years.
Occupation-Retired legal Practitioner, Washim.

I was practising lawyer for 37 years.  I was president of the Bar for five years ending 1955.  I have been doing public work, viz., public activities including the Congress. I have published a history of Basim.  I have been in public life since 1920.

I know that there are foreign Missionaries working in Washim. It is my opinion that they should not be allowed to remain in India.  The reasons for my opinion are as follows

(1) Because they convert the people to Christianity taking advantage of the service which they render in medical and educational institutions. I never came across a man who has any sense of judgment having embraced Christianity.  The Missionaries themselves say that if their humanitarian work stops, the very mission of their would be lost.  I concede that under the constitution any one has got the right to propagate their religion, but I object that the unfair advantages should not be taken to propagate their religion as a means of schools, hospitals, etc.  The foreign missionaries say that if the conversion is stopped they will discontinue their humanitarian work, such as hospitals, etc.  Pramilabai is my daughter-in-law.  She related certain incident to me which she will herself describe before the Committee.

To Mr. Tiwari-

I was born in Washim. I have been in contact with the Missionaries since 1920.  There is nobody amongst them whom I can claim to be a friend.  I desire that no American Missionaries should come to India. I know Ram Krishna Mission.  Ramkrishna Mission also propagates Hindu religion.  They also go abroad for the spread of Hindu religion.  I do not want that Ramkrishna Mission should be prevented from carrying on their work in foreign countries.  I do not say that Christian religion should not be propagated in India.  My objection is only to the wrong methods used for propagation. I cannot say hole many people were induced by the hope of material gain to become Christians. I cannot give any instance within my personal experience of any such instance.  I heard from my daughter-in-law that effort is made to convert people while they are inmates of the hospital.  There was no allurement of money or any other material gain was offered to my daughter-in-law.  From the information which I have received I say that they preach against Hindu religion, decry their Gods and Goddesses etc.  This I learnt from my daughter-in-law.  It is my opinion that the very object to start hospital is conversion of people to Christianity. I cannot say the number of conversions which took place in the hospital. I cannot also say that through the hospitals there were conversions outside.  In the constitution I do not know whether there is any prohibition to giving help to poor or medical relief to patients. I know that under the constitution all religions have freedom to propagate their tenets.  I concede that even foreigners have right to preach the religion.  But they do it with a political object. From 1920 up to date I do not know of any missionary having taken part in politics but what I mean is that to increase the number of Christians means to ask for a separate State.  The missionary policy is not confined to Washim but to all India. I do not know the total population of the Christians in India.  Nor can I say what is the total population as a whole.  From what I read in the newspapers I gather the impression that they are demanding Isaisthan.  I cannot point out the newspaper in which I read this.  I read in the paper that there was attempt to create such separate state in Assam.  If a man belonging to the Harijan Caste were to embrace Christianity because of social impositions I do not say that he lacks sense of judgment.  I think that if any Hindu says that he does not know Hinduism, it is his fault.  Before 1946 the Harijans were not allowed to enter the temple.  To my knowledge no Harijan was allowed to take part in social function and enjoy the amenities of social intercourse.  The Missionaries try to convert the aboriginals and the depressed classes because they may be useful for their political purposes.  After they become Christians the Hindus did not treat them as untouchables.  But there were other mahars also who had not become Christians but were allowed to sit.  Christian and non-Christian mahar can draw water out of well.  Even now the untouchables go to the temple only for Darshan but not for worship.  Today Mahar has access in the temple as the Brahmin has.  Even the Brahmin cannot touch the sacred idol.  Since 1947 there was no occasion for me to dine in company with Harijans.  Even before 1947 I have been trying for the removal of untouchability.  Those Christians or untouchables who have got national spirit will be treated by me as deserving of inter-dining with me but I cannot say how many have national spirit.  According to me an Indian communist is not inspired by national spirit if he is in alliance with the foreign communities.  My criterion of Indian Nationality is that of a Hindu nation.  By Hindu Dharma I mean that dharma which are Vedas.

No. 5

Name-Hanumant Raghunath Bhatkhande.
Age-63 years.

I am practising lawyer since 1920. I am advocate of the High Court. I practised in High Court at Nagpur.  I am editor of a law Journal entitled “Nyaya Bodh”.  Shrimati Sudhabai is my wife.  She is unwell.  She cannot come before the Commission as she is unwell.  She was in the Mission hospital to attend on her daughter two years old who was an inpatient.  She had to stay there twice or thrice for 15 days at a time.  She made a complaint to me that the patients are induced to become Christians. One of the nurses said that the younger daughter who was a patient should be handed over to the hospital.  She said that out of the two, one child can be given to American mission, and that she would be sent to America and trained well.  The girl is of fair complexion.

One Shrimati Sathe who was a nurse used to tell my wife while she was in the hospital that Rev. Narayan Waman Tilak had become a Christian because he disliked the Hindu religion.  They also impress upon the inmates of the hospital that they pray every day for their relief and that it was as result of their prayer that the patients are cured.  Once I had invited Dr. Spiker to my house to tea.  She had come with an old Indian lady whom she described as one who had “Sakshatkar” i.e., realization of God.  Christians observe castes amongst the Christians.  This I learnt from Mr. Dhamdhere who was a Christian Tahsildar at Washim.  He said that Christians converted from Brahmin caste enter into marital relations with Brahmins converted to Christianity and that they not enter into marriage relations with Harijan converts.

To Mr. Tiwari of Mungeli-

My wife must have gone to hospital in 1950 or 1951. I mention the name of Sudhabai because she was attending on her ailing daughter by name Ranjana who was suffering from diarrhoea.  I was at Washim when she was in the hospital. I was going to the hospital daily while she was there. I used to stay there for about an hour every time.  I did not myself hear any Christian preaching.  The girl was cured before she was discharged.  The girl who was aged about two years old was ill.  Twice my daughter was ill and once my son. I cannot say when my wife was asked to part with my daughter. I used to attend every day for one hour.  I cannot say why I do not remember whether it was at the time when the daughter was asked to be given over. I have got four children, out of which the eldest is seven years and the last is a son who is less by two years.  The female child which was in hospital died.  The proposal was not in definite terms that the child will be taken to America but it was only a suggestion.  I have no Christian Missionary friend.  I do not remember such friendship. I did not go to any Missionary's house. I had invited Dr. Spiker to my house to tea after my daughter was cured.  Dr. Spiker is an American. I know her since five years.  I do not say that she is bad as doctor. I have got good opinion about her.  I do not know whether the nurse Sathe is there now. I have read Narayan Waman Tilak’s poem. I did not read his book “How I became a Christian”.  In merely saying that you embrace Christianity there is a slight suggestion that Hinduism is not good. I am of opinion that the foreign Missionaries should go from India.  I cannot give any evidence.

The suggestion had significance because the nurse Sathe, Narayan Waman Tilak and myself were “Chitpawans” This nurse Sathe had been to my house.  She did not say in my presence but it was my wife who told.

No. 6

Name-Trimbak Idhanji Khanjode.
Address-Resident of Assegaon-Pan, Taluq Washim.

Assegaon is 13 miles from Washim, and is on Rishod road.  The Christian preachers both Indians and foreign used to come to my village Assegaon.  They used to invite the people through the loud speaker by singing songs and then the foreign Missionary used to address the people, in marathi.  He said that there is no life left in Hindu religion now and that the only way of salvation was to embrace Christianity for them.  He also recited Kirtan once, exactly in Indian style.  In the Kirtan he said that Jesus was the only saviour and that they should all become Christians.  If they become Christians their material comforts and need will be solved.  He used to come every day.  Eight days later he exhibited lantern slide.  It depicted the birth of Jesus and his life and that Jesus was a holy person and, people should pray him.  We opposed the Missionary propagating the religion in that way and said your religion cannot come up to the level of Hindu religion.  Then they went away.

2. In the course of their lectures they denounced the Hindu idols of Hanuman and other Gods.  If there had been God in stone why should people like Rev. Tilak give up Hindu religion and join Christianity. I am a cultivator.

To Shri Tiwari-

One foreign Missionary accompanied by 7 or 8 Indians visited my village.  Before 3 or 4 years they had come.  They did not distribute any clothes.  All that he said the Jesus Christ was a saviour and people would be redeemed of sins.  He distributed some leaflets.  I never accepted the leaflets.  None adopted Christianity in our village.  Nobody became-a Christian even though Jesus Christ was praised but there was no inducement given.

No. 7

Name-Hari Damodar Saraf.
Age-31 years.
Occupation-Christian Preacher. 

I became Christian at the age of 12 along with my father.  Father is dead.  No inducement was shown to me.  MY caste was originally Brahmin. I began to attend the 5th class in the Mission School at Buldana.  This was in 1937.  The Bible class used to be held before the regular school started. I was able, to understand what religion meant.  I did not become a Christian on account of any allurement of material benefit. I believed in the word of Jesus that he was the whole mediator through God and man and through him salvation can he got, and he said if the heart of man is purified, salvation can be attained.  Before that my mind was not pure.  Now I feel that my heart is purified by the blood of Jesus.  I get Rs. 60 per month. I am preacher of Nazeren Church.  I receive my pay out of the Church Fund.  The Secretary of the fund is G. R. Borghate.  The foreign Missionaries say nothing against the Government.  I love my enemies and I bear love not only towards Christians, but to all.  I know Mrs. Mc.  Wan who is a head mistress at Government Middle School, Pusad.  There is a Christian nurse at Pusad. I have never heard nor do I know that she offers an inducement to anybody to become Christian. I never speak against any other religion but I only preach. They never say anything ill to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.  There is a congregation of 45 members at Pusad.  No foreign fund contributes to the Churches.  There is an Assembly to manage all the Nazeren Churches.  There is no foreign Missionary in this Assembly.  It is purely Indian.

To Mr. Dhanagare-

My family consisted of my father, mother and 3 brothers and one sister.  Along with the father the whole family was converted.  The brothers and sisters whom I mention were younger than me. I originally belong to Shindkhed Raja in Buldhana district.  My father was a Diwanji of one Kisan Kasar. I do not know what salary he got.  I had some estate out of which I have a farm of 12 acres and one house.  It is in the, Nizam State. I get about Rs. 75 to Rs. 100 every year.  I have no other property except the above said.  The whole family shifted to Washim after embracing Christianity.  We came here because my mother was ill.  I cannot say whether we came here before or after we became Christians.  My sister who became a Christian by name Shakuntala.  We refuse to follow the Hindu customs after we become Christians. I have studied up to 7th Marathi standard. I can understand English but cannot speak.  Except for 9 months, when I was employed in War service, I have been a preacher.  I had not read any religious books of Hinduism, when I was 12. I had not read any book on Hindu religion but I read Mathews gospel, and especially the fifth chapter. I got the explanation of the chapter from the Christian boarding.  In Pusad there is only one preacher and in villages there are two more.  The total collection of the 1/10th contribution comes to Rs. 75 per month out of which I get my salary.  Others are paid by the Assembly.  The Assembly fund is made up of contribution from about 30 churches under it. The Assembly is at Washim.  These 30 Churches are located in Buldana and some part of Nizam State, Khandeph and Akola and Yeotmal districts.  I cannot say from what source the money comes into the Assembly Fund but only contributions are sent.  Along with others the American Missionaries pay some contribution.  I do not know exactly about Washim taluq but I can say about Pusad taluq.  I cannot say from my personal knowledge how they came to be converted.  In the course of our preaching we make no reference to Hindu religion but we only preach our religion.  I had been to the fairs at Loni.  We use loud speakers.  Some representatives of the Hindu institutions also come there.

To Mr. Tiwari-

I do not believe that any inducement is offered to become Christians.

No. 8

Name-Narayanrao Ganpatrao Kale.
Age-36 years.
Address-Cultivator, Washim.

The Christians propagate their religion in group in the towns as well as among the villages.  They go to the fairs, to the bazars and various parts of the villages and preach their religion.  They attack Hindu religion, by saying ‘Dagade, Dhonde Sone Rupe yasi deo manita, kare tumhi haknak talmalita.’ That religion which will lead to salvation is the Christian religion and not Hindu religion.  They exhibit pictures of Jesus Christ as also films.  I had actually been to Loni fair and I go every year.  These people go every year there.  I also attend.  There also their preaching goes on.  They say that Kunti was an adultness, as child was born to her before marriage.  My farm is just close to Washim and I notice these people addressing the people to preach. I protested to them but they did not listen.  They not only distribute pictures but also cloth to Harijans.  They also distribute books.  They ask them to be Christians.  In 1946-47 while our Holi procession was passing along the church with musical instruments the people in the church took objection and asked the musical instruments should not be played.  The procession was taken out to discourage the filthy things.  It was c an orderly procession.  Since then there had not been any such thing.  The Hindus and Christians are on good terms socially but Hindus object to their preaching in the ways they do.

One Zangoji resident of Jodgavan village in Washim taluq had come to the place for the treatment of his 6 months child.  It underwent treatment for 4 or 5 days in Mission Hospital, Washim and the charges came upto about Rs. 35.  In the hospital he was asked either to pay Rs. 35 or hand over his child to the hospital for becoming Christian.  Evidently it was for bringing him up as a Christian.  Then he approached me with this complaint and I went to the hospital and paid Rs. 35 on his behalf.  The talk as to the boy should be detained in hospital did not take place in my presence.  Zangoji is my partner in farming.

To Mr. Tiwari of Mungeli-

I am living in Washim from my birth. I had no occasion to go to the hospital before aforesaid incident.  About 5 or 6 people came out of the church and prohibited us from playing on music.  There were thousands in the procession.  The procession was singing ‘Raghupati Raghav Rajaram, Patit Pavan Sitaram’.  This is my recollection.  During the last six months I did not go to bazar at Washim.  I have seen them preaching in groups in 4 or 5 mohallas.  I do not remember definitely as to what work I had in the mohalla where I had happened to go there.  I do not know how Kunti was born but she was the mother of Pandavas. I cannot tell the name of the preacher who said about Kunti.  It is an incident about 3 or 4 years. I go to the fair at Loni on behalf of the R.S.S. They attack Krishna in their preaching.  I did not see them distributing cloth at the fair.  They were spreading disaffection in the minds of the Hindus.  There is a temporary police station at the fair.  I did not report to the police.  The group of Christians consists about 15 or 16.  There are also 2 or 3 foreign Missionaries.  I cannot say that the Christian Missionaries are opposed to Congress Government. I did not receive any cloth as I can myself distribute.  The cloth was distributed to Mahars.  I had actually seen distributing clothes to Mahars. I cannot mention the names.  They did not become Christians.  Not one became a Christian from receiving cloth.  It was Zonga who told me that unless he paid up charges he would not be permitted to take the child.  This incident occurred 7 or 8 months ago. I did not report this incident to police.

No. 9

Name-B.  R. Borghate.
Father’s name-Raoji.
Age-32 years.
Occupation-Motor driver, Pusad.

I am a born Christian.  I am a motor driver in the employ of one Puranmal.  The Christian preachers never decry Hindu Gods or Goddesses and praise Jesus Christ.  I am living at Pusad for about 10 years.  The Christian preachers do not say that under the Congress Government people are not getting their needy things, Krishna was licentious or that Ram was not good. I know Mrs. Mc. Wan.  She is Head Mistress of Girls A. V. School, Pusad.  I know Mr. Saraf who is a preacher.  I do not preach; occasionally I do go and tell people about Jesus.  There is no American Missionary at Pusad.  They do not bring any pressure to bear upon Indians to bring them under their control. I want the foreign Missionaries to stay on in India as they are wanted to train according to Bible. I do not think their idea is to establish their Raj here. I do not think they offer money to people to become Christians and also hold out the hope of getting a separate State for them.  At Umarkhed there is a Nazerene Mission.  It is not true that somebody was made a Christian being allured with the offer of a Christian girl in marriage.  In village Mulawa there are no Christians.  To my knowledge there has been no case of a man turned Christian being enticed with a girl.  The Christians are not harassed by Hindus it Pusad.

To Mr. Dhanagare, Pleader-

I am motor driver for the last 14 to 15 years. I was never a preacher before this.  At Pusad and Umarkhed there are preachers.  They go out for Preaching in villages.  In the hot season I go once in a week for preaching.  I do not know what they preach.  It is my belief that the preachers do not indulge in such preaching.  I never accompanied any foreign Missionary.  There is no Missionary but an American sister.  I did not go with that lady when she went out for preaching. I have been in contact with the foreign Missionaries at Washim.  I did not live with the foreign Missionaries, I have no personal knowledge of what they preach.

I do not know how they behave outside, the Missionary life but I know they are serving the people according to Bible.  I do not personally know how the Mission activities are conducted at Umarkhed.  What I said about Umarkhed was hearsay. I did not go to Mulawa for preaching and I do not know whether there are any Christians.

No. 10

Name-Yeshwant Ganesh.
Age-40 years.
Address-Ukali, taluq Washim.

I have a son by name Sudam, aged 6 years.  He was ill as a result of burns.  I brought him to Mission Hospital, Washim, from Ukali which is 8 miles from Washim.  He was there in the hospital for 2 months.  A bill was made out for a sum of Rs. 152. I pleaded my inability to pay that amount as I was poor.  I paid at the hospital Rs. 15 and said that I was unable to pay the balance.  The lady asked me to leave my child there in the hospital. I refused to leave my child in the hospital. I took away my child with me.  This occurred about a year and a half ago.

To Mr. Tiwari of Mungeli-

The child was about 5 years of age.  No bill was offered to me but the lady orally said that the charges amounted to Rs. 152.  No bill of Rs. 32 was given to me.

Note.-The hospital bill book shows that the total amount came to Rs. 32 on the 16th March 1954.  The chart of the patient is also produced which shows that the child was in the hospital from 19th January 1954 to 11th March 1954.

No. 11

Name-Shrimati Nalinibai, w/o Balkrishna Ghisad.
Age-21 years.

Vimal Ghisad is my husband’s sister.  She was married in the month of ‘Magh’ month.  She is now Vimal Pathak.  She is now at Hyderabad.  Dattopant Ghisad is my father-in-law and Vimal is his daughter.  Vimal stayed with us before her marriage.  About 2 years ago I had occasion to go to the Mission hospital at Washim, for curetting. I was in patient there for 5 days, Vimal used to visit me during that period.  My mangalsutra and bangles were taken out.  The mangalsutra was broken. I protested, saying that it offends our sentiments.  They said that unless I agreed to strip myself of these the operation will not be performed. I was told that there was no sacredness about the mangalsutra and bangles and that among Christians they do not wear such things.  What sanctity is there in these black pearls and the string.  They forcibly removed the bangles and. broke the mangalsutra. I had to submit to it as I had to undergo operation.  The nurse was talking to me all this.

The patients were addressed by a lady and she said that it was no use worshiping idols of stone which were incapable of helping one to salvation, and the only true God was Christian God.  They used the contemptuous word “Dagadacha deo” that is God of stone. I left the hospital after 5 days.

In Magh last I was staying in the hospital to attend my daughter who was ill for 3 weeks.  There was a boy of about 12 or 13 of age who was insane and he was asked to repeat that Jesus Christ was our God and they taught him some songs.

To Mr. Tiwari-

I know something about Arya Samaj which is the best Hindu Religion. In the Arya Samaj Mandir there are images.  The Arya Samajists honour the idols in temples.  I think Jesus Christ is not God.  By Arya Samaj I understand Hindu religion.  I am residing for the last 6 years.  That 12-year boy was a Maratha and I do not know who his father was.  He was living in a special ward. I used to occupy No. 3 and he used to occupy No. 1. I did not visit the hospital every day, I saw 2 or 3 times that boy being taught what said above.  This incident occurred when my daughter was ill. I might have heard more than thrice but I am not able to recollect.  He was a boy from some village, the name of which I do not know.

No. 12

Name-S.  P. Dongardive.
Age-40 years.

I embraced Christianity 25 years ago before that I was a Harijan.  I was 15 years when I became Christian.  No allurement was shown to me of any material gain.  My father was fond of toe company of Hindu Sadhus and he had also visited various places of pilgrimage but later on he became a Christian.  When I found that there was a great change in my father’s life and lie read out the Christian scripture to me and I believed in what was said there. I believed that Jesus Christ could alone save me from sin.  At that time the Harijans were not allowed to enter the temples nor learn the way of religious worship.  They were excluded from all social things. We were not allowed to take water from the well.  At that time the Harijan boys were segregated from the other caste boys.  I shall not become Arya Samajist even though I get all privileges.  Because I am convinced and ardently believe that Jesus Christ alone can save me from sin.  Now the very same people who excluded us from society have no objection to admit us into their social life.  There is a Mission hostel at Washim and I superintendent of it.  The hostel is run with the aid of the money received from Church as also subsidy from Mission as also fees received from students.  Out of 24 inmates of the hostel 23 are christians and one non-christian. I am a preacher.  I get pay of Rs. 66 per mensem. I am the treasurer of the Assembly which supervises all the Nazerene churches. I have got the accounts.  We receive about Rs. 3,250 from all the various Nazerene Churches in England, America and others.

There are 30 indigenous churches in all in our State and the contributions made by them to go Rs. 1,250 per month.  In all toe total per month comes to Rs. 4,500. I am stating it as an estimate.  Rs. 3,250 are disbursed in evangelistic work as pay of preachers.  This sum represents the total salary paid to preachers.  The surplus is certainly not used to induce people to become Christians.  The money is spent on meetings connected with the Assembly. I personally know all preachers and I am sure that they never decry Krishna and that he was licentious.  We have got self-confidence that even if this amount of Rs. 3,250 is not received from abroad we will carry on our normal work. I have come in contact with almost all the foreign Missionaries. I believe that the foreign Missionaries have no idea of establishing their control over India. I am positive that they do not wish ill of Congress Government.  They never attack Hindu Gods or Godeesses.

To Chairman-

The foreign money is received through foreign Missionaries. (The Mission Board of the Nazerene Church is in America.) We have 48 preachers who operate within our Nazerene area.  The delegates who are sent up by each of the churches elect members to the Assembly, which consists of about 104.  The foreign Missionaries are excluded from the Assembly.  They have no right whatsoever either to vote or to get elected.

To Mr. Dhanagare, Pleader-

I have studied up to 10th class.  I entered no other service except that in the Church. I was in the 3rd English class when I became a Christian. I did not read any book on Hinduism.  I did not accompany my father when he
went to pilgrimage.  My father owns 22 acres of land, which is still owned by me. It now yields income of Rs. 1,000 or 1,200. I do not know what my father was getting from it. I cannot actually say what the actual income is received out of the farm. I had myself no occasion to go to temples but my father had experience that our caste people were not allowed to enter the temples. I have never been to Harijan quarters to improve their condition.  The Hindu boy in the hostel is a Harijan.  The hostel is within Mission premises. I do not know whether he visits Hindu temples or not.  These 48 preachers go in motor car village to village.  The vehicles, which are used by the preachers, belong to Missionaries.  There is a motor at Pusad, and three at Washim.  There are a few at Chikhali and Buldano. The cost of petrol and other expenses are paid out of the Mission fund and not from the Church.  American Missionaries also occasionally go with the Indian preachers.

There are 24 foreign Missionaries in our Nazerene area excluding the Indian preachers.  That number includes women.  I have never seen these persons preaching and indulging in political propaganda.

No. 13

Name-Rev. S. T. Gaikwad, Buldana. 
Age-35 years.

I am born Christian.  Rev. P. T. Gaikwad of Yeotmal is my brother S. T. Gaikwad who is headmaster of Umri A.-V. School is also my brother I am working in the Nazerene Church at Buldana. I am Headmaster of the Bible training school at Buldana.  We do not teach the boys in that school to decry other religion and abuse their religion.  On the other hand, we warn them against doing such thing. I have never said anything, which could offend their feelings.  At Buldana there are 5 Missionaries.  It is not true that the people are made christian by inducement of material gain. I get Rs. 70 per month from Mr. Dongardive who was a treasurer of the District India Assembly with its headquarters at Washim. I am positive that no Missionary ever wish ill of India. I would never agree to establish an Isaisthan even if somebody puts up such proposal, because the Bible says that our citizenship is of heaven and not of world-Vers 26. We will resist any American Mission attempt to hold as in subjection. I do not oppose Congress Government. It has never come to notice that the Missionary propagates any movement against Government.  It is written in the Bible that we must honour the king.  It is because it is written in the Bible that no Christian entertains the idea. My education was in Washim and I passed my boyhood here. I know Pathak Christian of Washim from my boyhood.  He has been ex-communicated form the church.  Because on account of some ill feelings, he beat a man in church.  He is living in the church compound and civil litigation was in progress.  Pending the proceedings he pretended repentance and relying on this we withdrew proceedings.  There was not a single pastor who has had no difference with other pastors.  He is therefore ex-communicated.  I had been to Umri and I know Dr. Bidari of Umri. I know him for the last 12 years.  To the best of my knowledge, he was sent to Nagpur for education.  He failed.  He was a compounder in Mission hospital, Umri.

To Shri Dhanagare, Pleader of Washim-

There are about more than 4,000 foreign missionaries in India.  I may be knowing about 100 or 125 missionaries. I do not know personally anything about others but judging from the conduct of those whom I know I infer that they keep aloof from activities of politics. I am not constantly associated with these missionaries and as such I do not know personal information.  There is no ill feeling between Pathak and myself.  There is no ill will between Pathak and preachers.  My grand father became Christian and I do not know what my caste was.  After having passed matric I have undergone training in theological subject for 4 years, I served as clerk in Mission on Rs. 30 and then was a teacher at Yeotmol for 2 years.  There are 6 boys for Bible training.  They are drawn from Nazerene area. I do not go out generally for preaching.

No. 14

Name-Pramilabai, w/o Keshaorao Dabir.

I am the daughter-in-law of Shri S. G. Dabir.  About 2 years ago, I was in the Mission Hospital at Washim for 4 days as an indoor patient.  I was asked to remove my Mangalsutra and bangles.  When I refused the said that it was necessary to remove for operation and I had no other alternative but to submit.  Two Christian girls came and gave me some pamphlets to read and said that, merely diving in the Ganges water will not make you cure.  You worship a stone God but such a God can never give you salvation.  It is the living God viz.  Jesus Christ who will be able to save you.

To Mr. Tiwari of Mungeli-

I know Nalinibai Ghisad for nearly 2 years.  I know Vimal Ghisad.  I came with Nalinibai in the afternoon here, before the Commission.  The doctor was Miss. Spiker.  It is only at the time of operation that I met Dr. Spiker.  There was no operation of throat.  It was that Christian girl and not Dr. Spiker who said that the stone God would not help me to save. I never met Nalinibai Ghisad in hospital. I do not remember if I had occasion to meet Nalinibai Ghisad in March 1954.  We never meet each other and there have been no such occasional meetings between me and Nalinibai Ghisad.  During the last 3 months I have no occasions to meet Nalinibai.  During the last 2 years I met Nalinibai today. I do not know whether Mangalsutra and bangles were removed of other ladies.  There was some gold in the Mangalsutra but the bangles were not of gold.

I am informed by the hospital nurse Miss Nalini Yengad that it is the practice of the hospital to remove ornaments of gold before operation.

No. 15

Name-Laxmibai, w/o Wasudeorao Deshpande.
Age-40 years.

There is a municipal hospital.  It is in charge of a Assistant Surgaon.  My daughter by name Suman was taken to the municipal hospital for an operation.  That is about 5 years ago.  The operation was performed.  I was there when the patient was taken into the operation room and when it was taken out.  I had been in operation room but I was sent out of the operation room.  Suman was a married woman at the time of operation.  There was Mangalsutra and bangles on her person but they were not removed at the time of operation.  Suman died.

To Mr. Tiwari-

I was not allowed to witness the operation being performed and I was asked to leave the room Suman was given an anesthetic.  After the operation when I went in the room I found Mangalsutra on her neck and bangles on the hand.  I cannot say what happened in the operation room.  About a year before this operation I was myself operated in M. C. hospital and my ornaments were not removed, I was also given anesthetic.

No. 16

Name-Yeshwant Runjaji Idhole.
Age-60 years.

About 4 years ago there were 3 or 4 visits of Christian preachers in a month, to my village.  They preached that the Christian religion was superior and that the Hindu religion was not good.  They said that Jesus Christ was living God and that Hindu Gods were stone Gods and they were dead Gods. I protested against such propaganda.  The people of the village told him that they disliked the preaching and then they did not come.  On the first occasion the preacher who came was an Indian and the second time he was a foreigner who was accompanied by a foreign lady.

To Mr. Tiwari-

I am not literate but only I can make signature.  As Maratha I count myself amongst high caste. I meet with Brahmins but we do not inter dine.  No Brahmin had come to my house for dining.  They did not give anything to anybody but they showed allurement and held out hopes if they become Christians.  They said to the Mahars that if they turn to Christianity they will be locked after carefully and they will have comfortable life.  But as the village people were all averse to this type of preaching, the Christian preachers went away. I do not know the names of preachers. I am a Hindu but I cannot say why I am a Hindu.  I always go to the Hindu temple and we are allowed to enter the temples and offer Puja to the idols.  No Mahar came with me to go to temples. I do not go to dine at my Mahar servants’ house.  If there is a feast at my house, Mahars partake of it but I sit for dinner after they dine. I do not inter dine with Mahars.

No. 17

Name-Siman Pandurang Pathak.  
Occupation-Engine driver and smith.

I am at Washim for the last 30 years. I am a Christian.  My father also had become a Christian. I know that there is a church and Missionaries.  I come in contact with Missionaries.  The Nazerene Mission finances the propagation of Christian religion.  Foreign Missionaries also take part in such preaching.  The authority is all in the hands of foreign missionaries.  Conversions do take place in this area.  The conversions are mostly from the Mahar and Mang caste, they are mostly ignorant of the Hindu religion.  In the Mission premises or in the hospital there is no one except Christian either in service or in residence.  Among the Christians they observe caste distinction. I think that the sooner the foreign Missionaries go out the better it is.

To Mr. Tiwari of Mungeli-

Yes, I am still a Christian.  My father became a convert from Brahmin caste. I was educated in the Alliance Mission School, Akola.  I definitely feel that even the Alliance Missionaries in Akola should quit India.  My father was induced to become a Christian on the offer of my being educated in their school.  This inducement was offered in my presence and I heard it.  I was educated freely in the Mission School and I was also staying in the hostel without payment. I did not get my training in carpentry or smith. I was not getting any thing for pocket expenses.  That was about 40 years before.  My father was already dead when I entered the school. I was 7 or 8 years when my father became Christian. I became a Christian because my father became a Christian. I got no employment under the Alliance Mission.  Before the Nazarene Mission there was Methodist Mission.  Nazarene Mission came here in 1925.  The Methodist Apostle Mission was operating here. I was a member of that church.  After that Mission left Washim I joined the Nazerene church. I was contributing my share. I have got a son and four daughters.  I visited Nagpur Medical College many times. I have got my 2 daughters working in the Medical College.  The girl who is married is a Christian.  My son-in-law’s name is Amere.  Amere is a clerk in C.P.T.S. office and he is a Christian from Marwari caste.  There was no idea of caste discrimination when my daughter was married to Marwari convert.  My children were being educated in Mission School.  One of my daughters got her training in Mission institution.  I do not know what amount of scholarship she received. I assert that there is caste discrimination among the Christians and even amongst the preachers.  This is not sanctioned by the scripture.  All the authority over the finances is in the hands of foreign Missionary and Dongardive is only a nominal treasurer. I came to know this from Dongardive himself that he was a nominal treasurer.

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