Oral statements made before the Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee.



No. 1

Name-Rev.  Hartman.

I am a Missionary working on behalf of Christian and Missionary Alliance, which has its home in New York City.  I have been in India since 1920 and in Amravati since January 1940.  I have no complaints to make against any officers.  I go out to preach in the villages.  I also preach in churches in Amravati and Badnera.  I preach in open places everywhere in villages especially to public including Muslims and Hindus.  Once in a while there was some disturbance but as a rule people do not disturb.  I have already given in my statement the report of the number of conversions made every year since 1947, of Chandur, Arvi and Amravati taluq.  The message that we give is that there is One God.  He is Holy.  He hates sin.  A man is a sinner and only through Jesus Christ can man be saved from his sins.  Our positive job is to preach Christianity and not to attack other religions.  I was in America in 1947-48.  I have not heard of any leaflets circulated in America calling for teams to go out to all parts of the world to convert people to Christianity to combat Communism.  It may be true but I do not know. I am not saying that it is false.  I am Chairman of the Church Council, which includes Amravati, Chandur and Arvi taluqs.  As I am being transferred from this place I may be handing over my charge to Rev. Stengle any day. I have already handed over charge as a Missionary in charge to Mr. Stengle and before going from here I shall be giving over charge of Church to Rev. Kokne.  In 1947, there were five Missionaries and now they are seven but they will be five when I and my wife leave the place.

We have an organisation called Christian Missionary Alliance of India with its headquarters at Akola.  That is divided into two synods one for Marathi area and another for Gujrathi.  The head of the Marathi Synod is Rev. R. T. Chawhan of Akola.  Under him there is a Committee, which is elected every year.  Some of the members of the Executive Committee of the Synod are Missionary and some are Indians.  They are elected.  There are four Church Councils in the Marathi area under this Synod.  The Chairman of each council is by virtue of their office are members of the Synod.  Now the majority in the Synod is Indians.  Some of the Missionaries are refusing to accept office, and if we do accept, it is under protest, because we think that Indians should take up leadership.  We are happy to let you know that the President of the Marathi Synod is an Indian, Rev. R. T. Chawhan, and we are working under him.  The Synod has the authority of engaging preachers and dismissing them.  The Mission gives a subsidy to the Synod, which also receives contributions from the Congregation.  The Mission only pays such amount as is necessary to meet the deficit.  The Treasurer in Akola will be able to give the details of receipt of money.  Our accounts are audited by the Government recognised auditors, i.e., Mr. Oka of Poona.  Our Mission has a boarding school at Akola for boys and in Khamgaon for girls.  The Mission gives subsidy to each of these institutions, but it is only to meet the deficit.  The Akola boarding school is now entirely managed by Indian people.  We are ever willing to part with our so-called authority to the Indians.  We look forward to a time when our services would be felt unnecessary so that we might go elsewhere. We are quite prepared to transfer the property to the Indian hands and we have got authority from New York.  This question arises not in regard to Mission bungalow but Church property and out-station property.  Permission is received from New York in respect of this property and not in respect of Mission bungalows.  Even after transferring the Church property, the Missionary will be required to stay on as desired by the Church.  I would ask you to help us in getting the Government to pass some Act exempting the transfer of the Church property to Indian Christians from the stamp duty.  I get 63 dollars as my pay per month from U.S.A. plus I get frey quarters, and vehicle allowance of Rs. 60 per month. The vehicle is me private.

To Mr. R. G. Kulkarni, Pleader-

We have no Indian Missionaries.  They are only pastors, preachers and Evangelists.  Missionaries are those who leave their country and go to another to preach the Gospel………

Note.- The American leaflet was shown to Rev. Hartman and he was asked whether he was aware of any such movement in America.  He replied that it was Radio talk addressed to the American people and he did not attach much importance to it.  He was also unable to say which churches in India could have invited the Americans to come out with an “invasion teams” to India to combat Communism.

No. 2

Name-Rev. Grubbs.
Occupation-Central India Baptist Mission.

Most of our work extends over Berar but it also goes to Nimar, Betul, Chhindwara and Hoshangabad districts.  There are 26 Missionaries.  Except one English lady and one Canadian, all of us are Americans.  A couple from Canada has been helping us although they are not regular members of the  Missionaries.  The Mission with which I am connected is known as Central India Baptist Mission with headquarters at Ellichpur. I file this constitution of the Central India Baptist Mission.  Our Home Board is in Chicago in United States.  We have given all information to the Registrar, operating under the Trust Act.  Our Mission hospital is in Ellichpur taluq and we are supervising Kothara Leper Home, which is two miles from Ellichpur.  We have a school for girls at Chikalda and one boys hostel at Khadanpur.  The hospital at Ellichpur is financed by funds, which are received from America and by the fees that are charged in the hospital.  The hostels are also managed with the aid of funds received from America and also by the fees that are charged in the hospital.  The hostels are also managed with the aid of funds received from America and also by the fees that are charged.  At Kothara we have 85 acres of land.  The other farms are about 10 or 12 acres where the boys are trained in agriculture.  They get some practical training.  About 50 per cent of our Missionaries do Evangelistic work to some extent.  Approximately, the number of Indian preachers is 12.  The scale to preachers is based upon their education varying from Rs. 60 to Rs. 90.  In our Mission the authority is not vested in the Synod but in its individual church.  The local churches do not receive money from the Mission as such, but some of us help them by personal contributions.  Our Mission took over the work in 1945 from Korku and Central India Mission, which was a British organisation.  The Mission work, and Evangelistic work, is mostly confined to villages.  We also work through churches.  We believe primarily in working through the churches seeking to develop leadership so as to make the churches self-supporting. I do not know of any such organised effort made in America, for the express purpose of combating Communism.  The Missionaries are sent out primarily to bear witness to the claims of Jesus Christ, by preaching and by their personal life.  The message is redemption from sin. I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to the problem of sin and I know no other means of Salvation.  We also bear witness to what Christ has done to individual.  There may be lot of Christians, so called nominal Christians but few who have repented their sins.

I was trained in Denominational School.  All our Missionaries are Baptists.

To Mr. R. G. Kulkarni, Pleader-

In my Ministry there may be about five or six conversions in the last five years.  I have no official capacity in any church but they accept me as religious man.  The hospital at Ellichpur is closed as the Doctor is on furlough.  There have been cases of minors being baptised but they were with the consent of their parents.  We do not change Indian names to Christians, as a general policy.

No. 3

Name-Rev. Tom Henry Major.
Age-40 years.
Address-Kothara Leper Home.

I have got a letter from the Council of Mission to Lepers in London. I have to work in view of the purpose and within the frame work of the statement. The purpose is as follows:-

“The object of the society is to provide for the spiritual instructions and temporal relief of the lepers and their children in India and in such countries to which its operations have been or may be extended sometime and in so far it lies in its power in assisting to bring about extinction of leprosy.”

“While doing this it has also safeguarded the liberty of the patient, for it would be grievious to the Mission for its service to be the occasion of any compulsion in religious matters.  This it has done by making the rule in its Constitution that ‘No inmate of any asylum under its control shall be obliged, to receive Christian instruction’.  It has always made this clear in its initial negotiations with co-operating bodies and by whole history of equal service of men and women of all creeds, without abusing that service to force upon them religious teaching which they do not desire to receive.  It believes that the overflowing love of the Christian men and women who engage in this service either by their gifts, or by their engagement upon the field of action, must be the first recommendation to evoke in patients a spirit of enquiry and a desire to know more of this matter of the Christian Gospel.  This engagement of loving service at the Homes of the Mission must come from foreign and national workers alike, whatever be their individual tasks.  All may be assured that many friends in many lands seek to sustain them by prayer and by gift, that they may be able their lives and work winsomely to commend the Gospel.”

To Mr. R. G. Kulkarni, Pleader-

I have been sending each year financial statements to Government. We have at present about 300 patients, out of whom about 100 are Christians.  Some of them were admitted as Christians and some were converted in the hospital.

No. 4

Name-Manikrao Hanote.
Age-30 years.
Address-Kothara, taluq Ellichpur.

I was in the Leper Home from 1947 to 1954 undergoing treatment and since I am cured I am in the service of leper home.  I am employed as a caretaker in the leper hospital.  When I went to the hospital I was not a Christian.  Before that I had been in Kothara leper home for about 10 years and then I went to Baitalpur for 3 years.  When I was admitted to the Kothara Leper Home for the first time when I was 10 years of age.  For the first 10 years of my stay in Kothara I was Listening to the Christian preaching, so also for 3 years when I was at Baitalpur.  But I did not like to become a Christian, so I again came to Kothara Leper Home.  When I was on death bed I thought of Jesus Christ as I got no care.  I declared my faith in Jesus Christ saying you have shed your blood to wash out human sin and that you should help me in my crisis, Since then I gradually began to recover.  I recovered my health and also got peace of mind within. 2 years.  After I was cured I was employed as storekeeper on Rs. 20 per month and now I am working as caretaker on Rs. 70 per month.  Ordinarily, for the daily morning prayer not more than 15 to 20 people attend but at Sunday Prayer about 200 people attend as it is a holiday.  There is no compulsion but it is at their option to join the prayer.  From 1947 about 60 patients have got converted.

To Mr. R. G. Kulkarni, Pleader-

I was originally Maratha.  My father had become Christian. Excepting my father all other relations are Hindus.

No. 5

Age-47 years.

I am an Evangelist and Manager of the hostel at Khudanpur and do agricultural work.  In 1923 at the age of 16 I became Christian.  I was an inmate of the hostel as I was an orphan. I heard a Sermon preached by a Moulavi who had become Christian and he was describing the state of his mind when he became a Christian in such a way that it reflected the feeling which was surging up in my mind.  I was feeling the load of sin but when I heard him saying that Jesus Christ shed his blood and took away the sins of man and I believed in that message. I felt immediate relief.  Then I embraced Christianity and resolved to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ so long as I was alive.  I started to work as a preacher on Rs. 8 per month in 1930 but now I am getting Rs. 84 per month.  I have got independent means of living but I am doing this work out of conviction.  I converted many persons from 1930 but many of them reverted back.  Those who went back to Hinduism had no faith in the message of Jesus and were led away by some people.  In the local churches there is a congregation of about 50 members in all.  There are 4 chuches.  These 50 people are firm in their belief. I have faith that these people will convert many Hindus to Christianity.

To Shri R. G. Kulkarni-

I am doing the work of hostel for 10 years.  Practically everyone is a Christian there.  The total number is 33.  It is like an orphanage.  The boys who come to the hostel are generally between 10to 18 years.  The orphans coming to the hostel are drawn from Mang, Mahar, Kunbi and Maratha caste.  There is no Mahar hostel at Khudanpur.  The boys, who do not like to be Christians, do not like to stay in the hostel.  It is not true that they refuse to admit the boys unless they embrace Christianity.  It is not true that Wasudeo Balwant Wankhede and Mithu Puran Ingle were turned away because they did not agree to become Christians.  They were there for 4 or 5 years in the hostel.  One Ramchandra Sakharam Damle was in the hostel for one year but he was withdrawn from it.  I declare publicly that it is my aim to convert the whole of Hindu Society to Christianity.  I may have converted about 200 persons out of whom only 50 have remained as Christians.

No. 6

Name-Rev. S. J. Kokane.
Age-50 years.
Address-Ambapeth Church, Amravati.

Those Christians who do not behave according to the teachings of the Bible aid indulge in vices like drinking, etc., are driven Cut.  According to Corinthian I, Chapter V, vers. 9 to 13, this action is taken.  From 1926 I excluded 3 families from the church, e.g. I am mentioning these names on the 26th June 1954 meeting resolution No. 1, one family his been turned out.

To Mr. R. G. Kulkarni, Pleader-

I was present at both the Kirtans in Ambapeth recited by Shri Pawar from Poona at the Ambapeth and Camp Church.  He did not attack any non-Christian religion, nor decry any God of Hindus.

No. 7

Name-Sampson M. Paddy.
Age-50 years.
Occupation-Government servant.

Since 1933 I have been staying in the compound of the Alliance Church, Ambapeth.  I am living in room No. 278 of this compound since 1933.  L. E. Hartman ousted me from that room as well as from the membership of the church. Here is a resolution, dated the 7th November 1952, bearing the signature of Shri J. D. Bansod excluding me from the Church.  They demanded exorbitant taxes from me.  That was only a pretext to turn me out of the room so that it may be given over to Rev. Kokane.  This, I think, is opposed to Christian religion. They send anonymous reports against me as well as my wife to Government.  These who are harassing me are the servants of foreign Missionary.  American Missionaries do not treat Indian Missionaries with respect.  The American Missionaries take unfair advantage of the illnesses or financial difficulties of the people and try to convert them.  I was converted in my childhood.  I do not know how I was converted.

To Mr. Kokane-

I was excommunicated by the Panchayat.  Foreign Missionary is a member of the Panchayat.  It is not true that I drink liquor and behave in the disorderly manner in the Church verandah. I never smoke and never drink.

No. 8

Father’s name-Shankarrao Bhedi.
Age-23 years.
Occupation-M.Sc. student.

I am a student in M.Sc. and I am doing this privately. I have already filed my statement, which is based on the information collected by me.  In the fourth week of January 1955 I had been to Dharni and attended a meeting, which was conducted by Rev. Grubbs.  There he was telling the people that Hindu Gods and Goddesses are not worthy of reverence.  He exhibited the pictures in which wild animals like tigers of typical nature of man, and Jesus was shown as a dove who came down to Earth to dispel the human passion.  Then he said that the things in India are ugly and that there are pestilences raging in India and that nothing of this kind was found in America.  If you want to be delivered from your present distress you must come to Jesus Christ who wipes out the sins of all. I went to Rev. Grubbs at night.  He said that Ram destroyed wicked man Ravan but that Jesus Christ was even the Saviour of wicked. I told him that even Geeta holds out hopes of salvation to the sinners, and I also repeated some verses from Geeta.

At Chikalda I went to the Library at the house of Damle, who is one of the preachers.  There was a book which came to my hand entitled “Bharatat Alele Preshit”. On page No. 213 I find this passage "Sabandh Bharatala Christi karnyache dheya dolyapudhe theun tyane aplya teen disha tharvilya, Sarvajanik sabha, charcha and Krishti Dharmavishay nirnirali pustake” Then I asked 4 or 5 pracharaks including Mangalbhai and they said it is our aim to convert the whole of India to Christianity.  We throw a challenge and if you dare you oppose us.

Then I went to Kothara on 26th January 1955 where there is a leper home.  I was having a talk with Mr. Kale who had embraced Christianity while he was inpatient in the hospital. I told him that the motive of all the Christian converts was to create a separate state like Jharkhand.  In the meantime Mr. Major came there and he overheard me, and said that America is supplying you wheat and is not India grateful enough to allow us to preach in return.  Then I went to Khudanpur where I met Shri Peck. I had no talk with Mr. Peck.  Then I went to Mangalbhai.  At Khudanpur there is one hostel for boys.  They admit boys below 12 years of age. I asked Mangalbhai why he did not admit boys above 12 years of age and he told me that only the boys below 12 years were impressionable.  In that hostel are kept the children of the lepers in the Kothara Home.  They are brought up in Christian atmosphere entirely.  There I met a boy by name Manohar, he told me that here is not a word of Hindu religion, and he read Bible and he believed.  I have filed the books with my reply.  In the Paratwada hospital also they preach Christian religion to the patients.

While I was waiting for Mr. Grubbs at his house I had a talk with the servant of Mr. Grubbs. I asked him which side he would take in case of a war between America and India he said he would side the party which feeds, him and that he should be loyal to his salt.

To Rev. Major-

Mr. Major states: This gentleman had seen me on some day in January.  He said that he was interested in Christianity and he wanted to know.  I sent him to leprosy Home, after first discussing Christianity, to Mr. Kale.  After about an hour I went to the Home and stood behind Mr. Bhedi.  I heard him saying that the Missionaries came to India not as Missionaries but as the paid agents of the American Government with the intention of taking over India.  I objected him to his talk like this and I asked him to read American history and said that it was never the policy of America to dominate any country.  And further that American Government was completely separated from religion and would never ask to do such things, and that if America was giving aid to India, we are entirely friends.

Rev. Grubbs-

When I was preaching I was not speaking against the Gods and Goddesses of Hindus but I was speaking about the sins that were in wicked hearts.  As a rat’s habit is to steal so also man steals and that is a sin. I did not speak against the Hindu religion.  What I said I would have said the same thing in America.

Mr. Bhedi came to me in the evening when I returned after full day's work.  What I said to him in answer to him that while Krishna killed his enemies Jesus Christ gave his life for his enemies.  In other words what I meant was Jesus Christ was more like Mr. Gandhi.

To Mr. Peck-

I understand that it is a Christian hostel.  Those who are discharged from the Leper Home send their children to this hostel.  As they are poor they send the children voluntarily with the hope of getting some help.

Mr. Major says that the boys are not admitted from outside as has been said by Mr. Bhedi.  The children who are there, are ones who are cured and who are unaffected children.  The Government of India requested us to make provision for such boys.

No. 9

Name-Gunwant Arjun Tayade.
Age-63 years.

I am a member of the Harijan samaj.  The source of my knowledge that I have got intimate contact with Missionaries and the Mahar community to which I belong.  Members of my community have been converted to Roman Catholicism and to Protestants. I have opened a boarding house for Mahar students at Paratwada.  The result was the Roman Catholic Boarding was discontinued.  Both the Roman Catholics and Protestants convert the Mahar boys and try to get privileges which are given to Harijan community without disclosing that they are Christians.  In order to increase the number of Christians the Hindu Mahar girls are induced to marry Christian boys.  After converting the Mahars to Christianity they use them as preachers to go round the villages that in Hinduism there is nothing but idolatory and that Hindu Gods are Saitans and that they are all immersed in sin.  Not only have I heard this but I have had debates with them.  They take advantage of the tender age of the boys and try to impress, upon them the tenets of Christian religion.  If one of two brothers become Christians, the converted brother is used to influence his other brother, to become a convert.  They pick up people who are not able to earn even Rs. 20 and pay them up to Rs. 100 and engage them as preachers.  That is why the members of the Mahar Community are attracted towards Christianity.  They profess to do humanitarian work but their real object is merely to proselytise the lower classes of India.  The number of the Missionaries has increased since India became independent. I visited the Leper Home where there are many Mahar patients and I came to know that unless the patients agree to listen to Christian preaching they do not receive sound treatment.  There is a compulsion for the patients to attend the church at prayers,.  Their object is not to elevate Indians but to denationalise India.  Those who got converted to Christianity have become so averse to Hinduism that they begin to quarrel with me when I try to tell them anything about my religion.  A Christian convert changes his dress and assumes the airs of foreigners and he begins to ridicule our customs.

To Shri Malviya-

My neice who is a Christian was given in marriage to a Hindu boy.  Her father who is a Christian pressed the bridegroom to adopt Christianity and it was after great difficulty that I could influence him to permit the marriage.  I do not approve of legislation permitting marriages between Hindus and Christians.  Father Gayet pressed me to become Christian but I stoutly refused.  My brothers became Christians in their minority, i.e., 12 years old. I was also pressed to become a Xn when I was young.  My estimate is that since 1947, 5,000 members of my community have become Christians to Roman Catholic and about 1,000 to Protestantism.  The rate of conversion has increased from 5 per cent to 7 per cent.  At Ralegaon and Kapus Talni the Mission has respectively got 40 acres and 120 acres of land, and the converts are made to cultivate the land.  The boarding houses which are run by the Mission at both these places are maintained from income of these farms.  In my hostel 2 boys who had come from Khudanpur hostel were admitted.  They left that hostel because they did not like to be Christians.  The Missionaries carry on their work in the villages and particularly among the SomwansiMahar who are poor and illiterate.

To Mr. Mangalbhai-

Mangalbhai states as the boarders attend the Government school I have to send the list of the boys who are Christians, Mahars, Mang, Kunbi to the other institutions.  I never describe a Christian as Mahar in order to get the scholarship.

Mr. Manikrao states that in the Leper Home no discrimination is made between Christians and non-Christians.  It is not true that it is compulsory for non-Christians to attend the Christian services, nor do we press them.

To Mr. Major-

The boys who came from Khudanpur hostel were by name Ramchandra and Wasudeo.  Mr. Major states the pracharak’s salary ranges from Rs. 60 to Rs. 90 per mensem.

No. 10


Father’s Name-Ganesh Khaparde.
Age-65 years.
Occupation-Retired Professor of Marathi from Benaras Hindu University.

I hold the title of Kavibhushan. I retired before three and half years.  Since my retirement I have been living at Amravati.

About the 18th to 20th of last month I heard something spoken on loudspeaker behind my house at Amravati.  When I began to listen attentively I heard that it was some sermon that was being preached in church or some public lecture.  It went to the flat roof of the house and began to listen to what was being said.  It was propounded that Jesus Christ was a historical person.  Then the current of speech turned to Hinduism and I heard the verse “Swadharmo Nidhanam Shreyah……… etc.”. The name of the speaker was announced as Pawar.  The criticism that he offered on this verse was that Christianity did not like this difference between Swadharma and Paradharma.  It is all inclusive whereas Hinduism observes this difference.  They propound such things are thieves, dacoits and have commercialised their religion and they are fools.  My religious sentiments were wounded.  As this was all said on the loud-speaker it was heard by the public and I believe that those who heard it must also have felt keenly about this attack on the religion. I think that this is calculated to create danger to public peace.

It appeared to me that the Christian preachers are taking undue advantage of our so-called Secular State.  They have become so bold as to indulge in all manner of such attacks on Hindu religion.

My suggestion is that the Government must depute some C.I.D. Officers as British Government did at political meetings and preachings.

To Shri R. G. Kulkarni-

A convert to Christianity becomes denationalised and my suggestion is that the Government must depute some C.I.D. Officers, as British Government did at political meetings, to take notes of such meetings and preachings.

A convert to Christianity becomes denationalised and develops extraterritorial patriotism.  In other words be loses the sentiment of the allegiance to his country. I felt that this was deliberately done, and I suspect that the inspiration comes from foreigners.  This was the first time that I beard such speeches on the loud-speaker and it is my experience that such a propaganda is becoming more and more extensive.

To Rev. Kokane of Ambapeth, Amravati-

I admit that in the Secular State everybody has got the right to propagate his religion.

Question “If somebody has got a black coat would it be wrong to say that he wears a black coat, is an offence? I do not know if the Hindus appreciate such a criticism being made on their religion.”

To Shri Major of Kothare-

There were words expressly used by the speaker Shri Pawar, which were calculated to impair the peoples allegiance to the Government or country and it is my impression that by embracing Christianity man develops foreign mentality and begins to look down upon his own religion and customs.  There was nothing to show that foreign missionaries instigated him to speak as he did.

No. 11

Name-Dattatraya Govind Joshi.
Age-54 years.
Address-Amravati (Budhwara).

I am invited by Shri Pawar to play on “Tabla” when he recites the kirtan.  He was reciting the kirtans last month.  He must have recited about six kirtan and I was his companion playing on tabla on five occasions.  He tried to ridicule Krishna and his teachings that the cow should be revered.  He also said that his God was historical.

To Shri Kulkarni, Pleader-

He said that cow was an unholy animal because it eats filth and asked “how is Krishna, your God, who teaches that cow is your mother and bullock your father.” He further said that if bullock was your father, cow your mother then calf is your brother.  Hearing this my religious sentiments were wounded.  He also decried Krishna saying that he had married 16,000 women and said that it was all a fictitious story.

No. 12

Name-Shri B. A. Narsayya.
Occupation-Ayurvedic Vaidya, contractor.
Address-Amravati Camp.

I am a contractor as well as certified medical practitioner. I had taken a contract to construct a primary school building in 1944 under an agreement with Mother Euphkarise.  While the work was going on, she pressed me to become a Christian. Under the agreement the school department had undertaken to supply priority certificate for the purchase of four wagons of tiles and Shahabad stones.  When I asked her for priority certificate she said that unless I become a Christian she would not give the priority certificate.  As a consequence of the refusal to give priority certificate, I sustained a loss of Rs. 7,000.

I had filed a civil suit to recover compensation for the loss and in that suit the agreement was filed and it was noticed that some clause was inserted in the agreement.  As the forgery was brought to notice I wished to take criminal action.  Shri Watson, Deputy Commissioner of Amravati, was a Roman Catholic.  He intervened and proposed that no criminal action should be taken on condition that I would receive Rs. 10,000.  I did not accept the condition.  The suit was referred to arbitration and in the award which was delivered I got about Rs. 1,000.

My wife died while the suit was pending in 1947.  Mother Euphkarise again approached me with the proposal that I should become a Christian and marry a Christian woman. I rejected the proposal.  She also offered temptation of Rs. 10,000 but I did not agree to it.

Even when my grandson wanted school leaving certificate in 1950 that lady asked him to be a Christian and as he refused to become a Christian the certificate of the previous year, i.e., 1949, was given to him and the result was that he was not admitted into the Navy school.

As I am reputed to be a very efficient vaidya and a specialist to cure T. B., etc., she wanted me to be a Christian.

No. 13

Name-Pannalal Ramcharan Jaiswal.
Age-30 years.
Address-Ward No. 15, Amravati.

Roman Catholic sisters go to the people for preaching.  They have got a primary school near the motor-stand.  They go to the parents of the children and if there are any cases of illness they ask the children to be given over to them for treatment.  They are taken to the Roman Catholic Church.

I know a specific instance of Sakharam Balaji Watane, aged 45 years.  He is my neighbour.  He has gone out for business and perhaps may be back in three or four days.  His daughter, aged 10 months by name Vimal was taken to the Roman Catholic Hospital as she was ill.  She was taken on the condition that on being cured she would be returned to the parents.  This incident happened in 1951.  He asked for the child to be returned 15 days later, when he was asked to come after she was fully recovered.  He repeated his visits two months later.  Then the sister told him that the baby had been sent away to some other place and she assured him that she would bring the baby within a fortnight.  When he again went and asked for the child he was told that she was not in the hospital at all.  In this way Shri Watane was put off on some excuse or other.  When he went again last year to ask for the return of his daughter he was asked to pay at the rate of Rs. 20 for four years’ treatment which was given to the girl.  The poor man had to give up the idea of getting his daughter back. I believe that the girl is still with the Roman Catholic Convent.

No. 14

Father’s name-Bhuralal Sharma.
Address-Dhamori Kasba (Amravati taluq).

In 1952 I had been to the fair at Rinmochan, a village, in the month of “Poush”. I beard two pracharaks, one from Mhaispur and the other from Shingnapur, there surrounded by crowd.  They addressed the people one after another.  The gist of their speeches was that the Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Krishna, Brahma and a Pig whose pictures were shown to the people, misleading the people of India, so that they have become sinful.  It is to redeem the Indians from their sins that Jesus Christ was born.  The picture of Jesus was exhibited to the people.  They, also said that the future generations of Indians would be all Christians.  While they described Krishna as licentious, Brahma as one who was after his daughter and Pig as a dirty animal.  Their lecture provoked the people and they had to wind up and go away. I asked them who they were and. they replied that they were Christian preachers.  They were Roman Catholic preachers.  There are missionary centres at Shingnapur, Kholapur, Mhaispur, Wathoda-Shukleswar, Yeoda.  In almost all villages the Christian preachers along with foreign missionaries approach the untouchable class.

I know a man called Yeshwant Kamdar who had been induced by some material gain to become a Christian but later on he became a Hindu.  This man may appear before this enquiry at Khamgaon. They recited Isha Vashyam Idam Sarvan and declared to the people that the whole world was going to be Christian world.

To Shri Vishwas Maroti Manwadkar-

I have heard Protestant preachers both foreign and Indian in Marathi language.  They tell the people that in Kaliyug Jesus alone has come with message from God and in future the whole world will become Christians.  I am not against the preachers propagating their religion beat they should not denounce the Hindu or other religion. I heard a pracharak saying that India has been granted liberty for the purpose of testing the ability of Indians to govern themselves. If they are found unfit then India will be ruled by Christians.

No. 15

Name-Sheshrao Talluji Dhoke.
Age-39 years.
Occupation-Janapad Councillor.
Address-Dhamori village.

I am a member of the Janapada Sabha from Dhamori.  At Mhaispur there was an Indian pracharak by name Shantwan Dahiwadkar.  He introduced me with a Christian girl by name Grace. I was not asked to become a Christian.

No. 16

Name-Keshao Balwant Khaparde.

I also heard Mr. Pawar’s speech in the Church behind my house I endorse whatever my father said this morning about the Serman of Mr. Pawar.  This occurred on the 18th of July 1955.

No. 17

Name-Ravishankar Dwivedi.
Address-Chikhli, district Surat.

I am at present at Amravati near motor-stand.  I have come here as a preacher of Arya Samaj.

Last year in the month of August 1954, I went to a Christian Library at Basna where there were about 14 or 15 people, including Mr. John Gardia who was a Christian preacher.  In the course of our conversation John Gardia said that the British people have given independence to India to test how they are able to govern themselves but he expressed the fear that on account of caste system the Hindus will not be able to run the Government efficiently and that British people will have to take over the administration. I gather the impression that he must be preaching on these lines in the villages and I reported the matter to Shri Niranjansingh, Proprietor of Rice Mill.  He said that he would enquire into the matter.  This occurred at Basna in 1954.

No. 18

Name-Wasudeo Baburao Wankhede.
Age-18 years.
Address-Verul-Purna (Achalpur taluq).

At Khudanpur, there is a hostel maintained by the Baptist Mission.  There is accommodation for 33 inmates.  Mangalbhai is the Superintendent.  It is under the management of Shri Peek, an American Missionary and Mangalbhai who is a converted Christian.  Mangalbhai is also a Christian.  I was in the hostel from 1947 to 1953.  Mangalbhai pressed me to become a Christian.  I used to attend the school at Gaurkhed, which is a Janapad School.  I used to pay Rs. 5 per month.  My father is a labourer. I have no land.  I left the hostel as he asked me to leave as I did not wish to become a Christian. I then went to Shri Deshpande, who is a teacher in the Paratwada Middle School. I was a student of this school and I came in contact with him.  After leaving the hostel I went to Shri Deshpande and I am still living with him.  I am learning in the 9th class.  The boys of the hostel are taken in batches to fairs where the preachers preach to the people.  They hold gatherings of converted Christians in different villages every year, and get converts, through the instrumentality of the old converts.

In my presence six boys whose age ranges from 12 to 16 were baptised to Christianity.  A man is taken to a river and given a dip three times with the recitation of some sacred texts and in the presence of the panchas he has to declare that he has become a true Christian.

No. 19

Name-Ramchandra Sakharam Damle.
Age-15 years.
Address-Achalpur (Paratwada).

I am coming from Paratwada, where a hostel is maintained by Shri Gunwantrao Tayade.  There are 8 inmates in the hostel. I came to the hostel in the year 1954.  Before that I was at Khudanpur in the hostel maintained by the Baptist Mission. I was in the Khudanpur hostel from 1951-53. I was taken to that hostel from Parsepur.  My father is a labourer.  My father gave permission for my being kept in the hostel.  Mangalbhai pressed me to be Christian. I refused.  Then he asked me to leave the hostel.  Then I went to Shri Tayade and he entertained me in the house along with 7 other boys-like.  He conducts his hostel in his own house. I am now in the eighth class. I have attended many fairs held in the villages of Assegaon, Pathrot, Parsapur, Rangar-Wasnik.  The Christians hold their gatherings every year in different villages and preachings goes on to induce the non-Christians to become Christians.

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