Oral Statement made before the Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee.



No. 1

Name-Vidyavati Gaikwad.
Father’s name-Gangadhar Gaikwad.
Age-16 years.
Address-Narbada Road, Jabalpur.

I, my sisters and brothers studied in Johnson Girls’ School, Howbagh, Jabalpur, from Primary up to Matric Class.  I passed my Matriculation from there.  Bible is taught in Primary classes compulsorily.  It is also taught in the Middle and High Schools.  Students need not attend the Bible class.  Morning prayer is compulsory for all from the Primary to the High School standards.  The prayer is a Christian Prayer.  All Saturdays and Sundays are observed as holidays for the whole school. I don’t know why the school is closed on these days.  In my time non-Christian boarders also used to go to the Churches for prayer.  They were only one or two in number.  The boarders have also to go compulsorily for prayers in Churches on Sundays.  Sometimes our teachers in the School used to go in numbers and groups on Saturdays for preaching outside Jabalpur.

During Christmas we used to be asked to bring some clothes for distribution amongst poor children.  Though there was no compulsion, some influence used to be exerted on us. These clothes used to be distributed to poor boys and girls, both Christians and non-Christians, without any distinction.

There was a drama played in the school on the 13th August 1954 in celebration of the Independence Day.  During the course of the drama, the four quarters of the world were represented by four directional winds which brought their flags, one representing Pakistan, another representing England, third America and the fourth representing India, i.e., the Indian National Flag.  After some dialogue, the Indian Flag was hoisted.  Then, after sometime, some sound was heard from behind the stage and then one holy person came and she said “We wish that there should be peace in the whole world”.  Then a girl came with a flag having the sign of the Cross.  Then that flag was hoisted on the top of all the other flags.  This would bring peace in the world and it would be hoisted all over the world. I and other Hindu girls felt that this was a disrespect to our National Flag.  Neither I nor any other girl raised any objection to that.

To Shri A. B. Shinde.- I do not know what is Rashtriya Prayer.  I know prayer is a song.  By Christian prayer, I mean that it included recitals from the Bible and Christian Hymns and Parables from the Bible.  In the prayer, peace and progress of no particular community was prayed for.  It was for the whole of humanity.  By “influence” mentioned in my deposition above is meant that it might be intended that all the poor children should get clothes and so they were asked to be brought by us.

That the teachers used to go on Saturdays to preach is not my personal knowledge but it is my information.  The girl carrying the flag of Cross, they said, was the symbol of peace and the girl carrying it was a small and short one and she was made to stand on a stool.

A cutting from “Nava-Bharat” of Jabalpur, dated 17-8-54, is produced by the witness, and presented to the Committee.

No. 2

Name-Miss Zillah Soule.
Age-45 years.
Occupation-Principal, Training College, Howbagh, Jabalpur.

In 1954, I was officiating as Principal of the Johnson Girls’ High School, in which Vidyavati Gaikwad (P.W.1) was a student from Kindergarten to Matriculation. Ordinarily, we have holidays on Saturdays.  That is not on any religious grounds. but just to accommodate the hostel girls for their weekly cleaning, washing, etc.  We belong to the Methodist Church, in which Saturday has no special significance.

2. We have our Bible classes during the last period, after regular school hours.  They are not compulsory for any girl, even for the Christian girls.  Whenever I pray, I pray in the name of Jesus; but this is not true or necessary for other teachers, including Christian teachers.  Some pray in the name of God and not in the name of Christ.  The non-Christian teachers don’t attend our prayer, but the students do, and there is a special reason for it.  It is because in this hour, which is called the Assembly Hour, we read out the announcement of the day’s programme of the school.  It is thus in their interest to attend.  Last year, one Muslim teacher used to attend and take her turn in leading the prayer.  Notices put on the notice-board are not generally read by all.  Hence the daily announcement at the Assembly is necessary.

3. We had our Independence Day Programme unanimously approved by the Staff Committee in which every member of the staff was present.  This included two Hindu and one Muslim teachers.  They approved the programme.  The draft of the play intended to be staged was also put up before them and they unanimously approved of its being played.  Then I entrusted this to a teacher to coach the girls taking part in the drama.  The whole thing was reduced to writing and I am handing over to the Committee a copy of it.  When an article appeared in the press and an enquiry was made by the District Inspectress of Schools, I had presented one copy to her.  The statement made in the press is incorrect and there is no truth in it.  It was far from our intention.  In fact, I was terribly shocked at the article in the press, to belittle the National Flag.  Although I was not present on the day when the drama was actually played, as I was in Bombay on that day, I bad seen the rehearsals of the drama before it was actually played and to me there was nothing in it which could be interpreted as hurting the National feelings of anybody.

To Shri B. S. Bakshi.-

4. Our total expenditure last year was about 102 thousand rupees. (This is subject to correction.) Our deficit was about 13 to 15 thousand last year.  This was met by a donation from the American Methodist Church.  In previous years our deficits were larger and so the Methodist Church used to donate larger amounts.  Building donations are separately made.  The building donation to us was about 3 to 4 lakhs of rupees, between 1949-1951.  This donation was mainly a result of my efforts.  My Mission is affiliated to the International Missionary Council, U.S.A. I may be making a mistake in this.  Therefore, I prefer to say that I cannot answer the question.  Our Christian teachers voluntarily do preaching work for 5 to 15 days in a year.  This is confined to visiting Christian women in the villages and we have no intention to preach to non-Christians.

5. The idea of bringing the Pakistan Flag in that drama was merely to cultivate a feeling of friendliness with the neighbouring countries. I am aware of the military pact between America and Pakistan and also of the fact that public opinion in India is against that pact, but I feel that the tendency to create ill-feeling between the two countries is not healthy.  On the contrary, the creation of friendly feelings in the two countries among the little children is desirable and that was the object in my mind when I wanted the Pakistan Flag to be hoisted in the drama.  All the flags except our National Flag were merely paper flags.  The original script of drama that was passed at the staff meeting of the school has been sent to the Education Department, and the copy handed over by me now, is a true copy of it.

No. 3

Name-Janardhan Shankarlal.
Age-14 years.
Occupation-Student, Mahakoshal High School.

I was a student of the Christian Mission High School for two years during 1953 and 1954 in the Seventh and Eighth classes.  In the first period, on alternate days, the Bible used to be taught to all students.  We used to recite on the next alternate day what was taught to us on the previous alternate day and also further lesson used to be given.  Attendance used to be taken during the Bible period.  Absence in the Bible period amounted to absence from class, as attendance was taken before that.  A student who did not prepare his lessons of the Bible class used to be punished.

2. One Ganesh Prasad, a co-student of mine had brought me a paper in which it was written that no force was used on Hindu students to attend the Bible classes in the school.  Ganesh Prasad asked me to sign, it.  I refused and said that it was not true.  He said that if I did not sign it I would have to suffer the consequences. I said I would not mind it.  Then he went away.  After some days when once I was on my way to school.  Ganesh Prasad ran past me but I saved myself by shifting away.  Then, while I was sitting, he gave me a blow by his knee. I connect these actions on his part with my' refusal to sign the paper he had brought as there was no other reason for him to behave with me in that manner.  Ganesh Prasad is Hindu.  I became unconscious by his blow.  I could not attend to my class and was taken home.  Nothing was done by the school authorities against Ganesh Prasad.  Ganesh Prasad is older and stronger than myself.  I have left the school and am now studying at Mahakoshal High School, Jabalpur.

No. 4

Father’s name-Narayanji.
Age-40 years.
Address-Andherdeo, Jabalpur.

I am the father of Janardan Prasad who was formerly reading in Christian Mission High School.  He used to tell me that the Bible was compulsory and that in plays (dramas) Hindu Gods and deities were scantly referred to. I asked him not to bother about all those things and attend to his studies properly.  There was a meeting in this connection presided over by Shri Oak, Headmaster, Mahakoshal High School.  There, I told about the things happening in the Mission School and that our Hindu boys should not be compelled to learn the Bible and to take part in dramas villifying our religion.  There, it was resolved that Shri Bernard should be approached and apprised of all these matters. I, with some other guardians of Hindu boys, met Shri Bernard and related all this to him.  He took down our statements.  Nothing happened afterwards.

2. One day, my son complained to me that he was being asked to take part of a female in a drama in the school.  I asked him not to do so.  But, he was nervous and afraid of pressure.  He, therefore, without my knowledge took some girls’ apparels from his mother and played the part in the school.

3. One day, when I was in hotel, Amarkumar Ghosh, a student of that school, came to me and informed me that my son was hit by Ganesh Prasad and was brought in my house in senseless condition. I immediately rushed to my house and found that it was really so.  After some effort my son came to senses. I enquired of him as to what had happened.  But he had not fully recovered from the pain and was complaining of pain in the head and could not reply to my questions.  I reported the matter to the police.  The next day I went to the Headmaster of his school and reported the matter to him. He called his class teacher and the boy Ganesh Prasad, as the class teacher said he had not heard about it.  The class teacher said that my son was weeping and, when questioned, did not answer anything, he, therefore, in allowed Amarkumar to take him home.  Amarkumar had told me that the boy was complaining of some pain, that he told the teacher that he was not well and he would take him home whatever might be the result.  Amarkumar then brought him to our house.  The Headmaster questioned Ganesh Prasad.  He told him that he was coming running and fell upon my son.  On this, the Headmaster wrote something, put it in an envelope and gave it to Ganesh Prasad to hand it over to his father.  My son had contradicted Ganesh Prasad that his falling while running was not a fact.  The fact was that he did not sign the paper and that Ganesh Prasad had threatened him with serious consequences.  Ganesh Prasad tore the letter.  I was informed of it by other boys.  Nothing has happened so far.  To my knowledge, no punishment was given to Ganesh Prasad and no further action was taken. My son continued to read in the school for about four months after that incident.

To Shri A. B. Shinde-

4. I sent my son to the Christ Mission School on the information that the teaching there is good.  When we went and reported to Shri Bernard, we did not make any report to the school authority.  This happened in about August or September of 1953 or so.  After this I never enquired from my son whether the Bible teaching was stopped or not, nor did I enquire from Shri Bernard.

5. My son was reading in the Mahakoshal High School in Fifth and Sixth classes.  I withdrew him from that school and got him admitted in the Mission School as some other co-students of his also joined the Mission School and my son insisted to follow them.  My son studied in Seventh and Eighth classes in Mission High School.  In respect of change of school, I allowed him to do what he liked.

No. 5

Name-Beohar, Rajendra Singh.
Father’s name-Beohar, Raghubirsingh.
Age-54 years.
Address-Beoharbagh, Jabalpur.

I had extensive malguzari villages in Mandla and Jabalpur districts inhabited mostly by Gonds.  My villages were mostly in the Jungle areas in Niwas and Mandla tahsils.  They are mostly inhabited by Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, namely, Gonds, Bhils, Baigas and Kunkas, etc.  I had various occasions to go that side.  Narayanganj was and is my headquarters for that area, where I go and reside several times in a year. I have given my written reply to the questionnaire and there I have given, in short, activities of Christian Missionaries and their methods.

2. I was President of the Mahakoshal Branch of the All-India Harijan Sewak Sangh and, therefore, also, I took special interest in finding out their conditions.  I was the Vice-President of the Vanwasi Sewa Mandal started in Mandla and which has now spread all over India.  In my enquiries, I found that the mode of conversion to Christianity was by giving inducement, for instance, giving of loans and then telling the debtor that, if he became a Christian, his debt would be written off, boys would be given free education and even books.  The Mission working was Apostolic Prefecture, Roman Catholic Mission.  I have direct knowledge of these incidents.  I met several pupil teachers who told me the stories.  The Missionaries had opened several Primary Schools and there was one Normal School opened by them at Sijhora, about 40 miles in the interior from Mandla.  There, only Seventh standard passed students could be admitted if they came from other schools or Government and District Councils.  But they had obtained the facilities of admitting to the Normal School, their men even if they had not passed the Seventh standard.  I had occasions to meet many such who had not passed the Seventh standard and who bad come out of the Normal School and become teachers in Primary Schools run by Missionaries.  The Mission School teachers used to do preaching work also.  During the whole period of my visits and enquiries, I did not come across any case in which a man had become Christian out of conviction.  All cases that came to my notice and information were cases of conversion due to reasons other than conviction, as mentioned above.

3. Some of the teachers in Sijhora were of tender age, about 15 or so.  At the moment I can give the name of one person who was resident of my village Maharajpur.  His name is Lalaram, by caste Dheemar.  I owned 40 villages in Mandla and about 40 villages in Jabalpur district.  Their area was larger in jungli tracts than in other parts.  In my capacity mentioned above, I had occasions to tour that area with Thakkar Bapa. The teachers employed in Mission Primary Schools were mostly Christians.  The attitude of Christians towards our Harijan Sewak Sangh and Vanwasi Sewa Mandal was that they thought we were their rivals and they did not welcome our work.  They were hostile to the Sangh and Mandal.

4. It was as a result of exposure by Dr. Elwin and Thakkar Bapa, and questions put by me in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly that the Normal School at Sijhora was taken over by Government.  I have been a Member of the State Assembly for a number of years.

5. I had my grandson in the Christ Church School and its Hostel.  I withdrew him, both from the School and the Hostel, because I came to know that attendance in the Church and learning of the Bible was compulsory there as a measure of discipline.  In the Hostel, before going to bed, the students had to kneel down and pray Christian prayer.  I drew attention of the Headmaster of that school to Article 28 of the Constitution.  To that, he said, it was not compulsory and was as a matter of discipline.

6. I have answered the Committee’s Question No. 19 and would like to bring to the notice of the Committee the book entitled “What has religion done for mankind?”, published by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc. International Bible Students’ Association, Brooklyn, New York, U. S. A. This is on behalf of Jehowa’s witnesses who have a Mission working at Jabalpur also.

7. With reference to the Committee's Question No. 96, I would like to bring to the notice of the Committee Article 25 (2) (a) of the Constitution.  I would like to express my opinion to the Committee that in the backward tracts, suitable measures be taken by the State so that the Backward Tribes may be protected and be not led away to change their ancestral religion on account of their backward and economic conditions. I would answer to one of the questions regarding conversion and its effect on the security of the State as follows.  I have no objection to conversion by conviction.  Conversion by inducement is bad as I have already said before.  But, conversion with a view to increase number and by means other than conviction is fraught with great danger to the future security of the State, as it is likely to create a tendency to remand a separate and independent State on the basis of religion.  No such large-scale conversions are taking place in the open areas now.


8. If the Madhya Pradesh Trust Act applies to any charitable, public, educational or other institution it should also apply to such institutions of Christians.  If the present Act does not cover any institution of the Christians that Act should be so modified as to apply to them also.  And, under the present Act, if it applies to them, no exemptions should be granted for filing of returns as also to others.

To Shri A. B. Shinde-

9. My grandson was reading in the Model High School before he joined the Christ Church High School. As he could not pull on there with his studies and he was weak in many subjects, he was put in the Christ Church School.  Shri R. P. Guru, a teacher of the school, with whom I have friendly relations, said that if I put my grandson in the Christ Church High School, he would be under his direct supervision and that was the main reason why I put him there.  Although I thought the School as worst. I put him there on the undertaking of Shri Guru. I did not give anything in writing as that was not necessary when I withdrew my grandson.  But before actual withdrawal I had sent a letter objecting to the Bible teaching and Church attendance of my grandson.  The admission form was not filled by me.  It was filled by my son.  I withdrew my grandson from the School at my instance and with the consent of my son. (A letter, dated 14-1-53 written by the father of the child was shown to the witness and he was asked whether it was written by his son.  He said that it was written by his son asking for transfer certificate.) Without seeing my letter, which I request you to produce, I cannot say how long after that (even approximately) I withdrew my grandson from the school.  I don’t remember when I withdrew my grandson.  The letter, dated 24-9-51, was written by me.  But it was never replied. (A copy of this letter is also produced by the school authorities.) I would not question the date 31-12-52 as the date when my grandson left the school.  The reason why I waited so long after my letter, dated 24-9-51, was that I waited for things to improve and also told several times to Shri Guru. I see that in No. 11 of the admission form my son had written “no” to the question “Do You claim exemption from religious instructions?”.  I note that my son in No. 6 of the same form has written “private study” in answer to the question “name of the last school in which studied” while the child had studied at the Model High School for some months.

10. The Harijan Sewak Sangh started working in the province about the year 1932 or 1933 and Vanwasi Sewa Mandal about 8 or 10 years after. I personally started several schools in the locality both before and after the Harijan Sewak Sangh started its work. I also gave land for Vidya Mandir before the Harijan Sewak Sangh started functioning. I started 3 or 4 schools before the Harijan Sewak Sangh started, and two hostels for poor boys in Narayanganj add Niwas.  I can supply their dates if you desire them.  But I will have to refer to my records which are not here.

11. The persons who reported to me that they became Christians because of inducements and allurements and financial help did not speak to me that they were subsequently cheated.  No case of cheating came to my knowledge.  There were different categories of people.  Some who became teachers became materially better off after conversion.  In case of others to whom allurements and inducements were given and became Christians their material conditions did not improve.  In some cases the promises given were also not fulfilled.

12. If we encourage tendencies of religious fanaticism, there is danger of demanding separate Theocratic States.

No. 6


Name-J. E. Robinson.
Father’s name-G. E. Robinson.
Occupation-Headmaster, Christ Church High School, Jabalpur.

Ours is a Government-aided institution and we follow different Codes.  It is an Anglo-Indian School.  Formerly since a long time our school had to admit only up to 50 per cent non-European and non-Anglo-Indian students, if they sought admission.  Now that has been enlarged and we cannot refuse admission to any non-European and non-Anglo-Indian.  Our school receives Government aid and the remaining expenditure is met by fees and endowments and scholarships.  This school belongs to the Church of India, Burma and Ceylon.  The head of that church, is the Metropolitan Bishop Mukerjee of Calcutta.  The number of Christian teachers is six, and that of nonChristian teachers is also six.  There are 58 Christian and 145 Hindu students.  The non-Christian teachers were and have been serving for a long time, one is as old as of 30 years.  The pay and other facilities given to Christian and non-Christian teachers are the same.  We have English medium and pupils come from well-to-do families.

2. I know Ramprakash Sinha, who was in my school from 2-8-51 to 31-12-52.  The date of issuing transfer certificate was later than 31-12-52.

3. We prepare students for Senior Cambridge and the Bible is taught as an optional subject.  We do not teach the Bible to those who have not taken it as a subject.  By question No. 11 in the admission form we do not mean religious instructions being given to any student but we mean to ensure that if a student takes Bible as a subject for examination, his guardian has no objection to it.

4. There are prayers every day at the beginning of the school. Announcements of the day’s programme are made at the end of the prayers.  It is not compulsory for every student to be present at the prayers.  But it is compulsory for them to attend at the time of announcements.  We have hostel accommodation where non-Christian boys are also admitted.  Their number is 32 Christians and 44 non-Christians.  They get up at 6 o’clock and have to pray silently for five minutes near their beds.  It is not a conducted prayer and each one can pray as he likes.  At night, however, there is a conducted prayer which is also not compulsory, but everybody attends it.  The prayer is in an Anglican form which is adopted in our school, and is meant only for Anglicans.  We did not reply to Beohar Ramprakash Sinha’s grand-father's letter as I had to deal with the boy's father who was the recognized guardian. I, therefore, met the father and explained him the situation.  He said that he had no objection to his son attending the church services on Sundays in the evening.  This I noted on Shri Beohar Rajendrasingh’s letter.  I do not remember if I showed Beohar Rajendrasingh’s letter to his son.  The implication contained in the letter that the hostel Superintendent compels the non-Christian boys to attend the church is not correct.

To Shri Bakshi-

5. We do not get any help from outside, barring two scholarships meant for Anglo-Indian students amounting to Rs. 13 each per month.  There is no differential treatment from our side in the matter of admissions, scholarships, and freeships among Anglo-Indian, Christian or non-Christian students.  After I received the letter from Beohar Rajendrasingh, I asked Shri Guru to explain the position to the boy’s father.  The reason why I asked Shri Guru was that it was through him that the boy was admitted to the school. I met the father.  I cannot say if I had called him or not. I did not take anything in writing from the father of the boy when he said that he had no objection because I took it as a gentleman’s word.  There is no date on my comments (in red ink) on Beohar Rajendrasingh’s letter. I can only say that I forgot to put date there.  It must be shortly after the receipt of the letter.  Since his father did not object, the boy continued to attend the church but I cannot say how long.

6. To the question whether there had been any non-Christian headmaster in the school, Shri Shinde objects as irrelevant.  Sardar Bakshi insists that the question be put and it is relevant. I allow it.  The answer is that there has been, non-Christian headmaster of the school so far.  It is a Christian school.

No. 7


Father’s name-Sobha.
Address-Naighai, tahsil Jabalpur.
Age-50 years.

I am Gond by caste and was a Choukidar in the service of Shri Toudon, Thekedar, Railway Station, Jabalpur.  The Christians, Hansa, Peter and Mohan, used to come to me and tell me that I should become their Gurubhai, meaning thereby Christian and that I would be better off and would be given some money also.  After some time one Padri by name Albert came to me and took me, my wife and my son in a motor car to a church and there we were baptised.  My Choti was also cut.  They asked me to come to the church every Sunday.  They said “Tum Girja men adhe hakdar rahhonge”.  When I went to my village and told my villagers the story they said that I had become a Christian and, therefore, they would have no caste connections with me.  The Christian Padri did not give the promised help.  Therefore, and as I heard that Arya Samaj can reconvert me to Hinduism, I went to Arya Samaj of Gorakhpur (Jabalpur) and became reconverted to Hinduism.

To Shri A. B. Shinde-

I was a Gond and follow Gondi Dharma.  I became a Christian by ‘Lalach’ (allurement) but I would not change my religion now if such an offer were made to me.  The information about Arya Samaj doing reconversion work was given by Arya Samaj Pracharak.

No. 8


Father’s name-Sheo Bux.
Occupation-Carpenter, G.C.F., Jabalpur.
Age-28 years.

The counsel for Christians, Shri A. B. Shinde, objects to the examination of the witness.  Shri Bakshi says that he can be examined as he is an important witness disclosing relevant matter.  As a matter of compromise and agreement between Shri Bakshi and Shri Shinde, it is decided that Shri Jalimsingh should give his statement in writing to which both the counsels have no objection.  This is allowed.

No. 9

Name-J. B. Hulasirai.
Father’s name-H. W. Hulasirai.
Occupation-Minister of the Methodist Church of Southern Asia.
Address-Civil Lines, Jabalpur.
Age-46 years.

I am the District Superintendent of Methodist Church of Southern Asia. (Shri Bakshi, on the analogy of the previous witness Jalimsingh, objects to his examination.) We had a Conference here technically called the Institute of Youth Directors of Southern Asia and it lasted for a week during April 1955.  Two delegates from Pakistan had also come to attend it.  After meetings of the Institute were over, Shri Joshi, A.S.P., Jabalpur, came to me and asked me whether there was such a conference I said ‘Yes.’  He then asked me the names and addresses of all the members that had attended the meeting. I gave him the names and addresses of the two Pakistani delegates as also two American Missionaries one from Bombay and one from Delhi who had come.  But I refused to give the names of others as they were all from India and Indian Nationals.  This is all so far as Shri Joshi, A.S.P., is concerned.  I call this as harassment, because one community, to my mind, is singled out for such enquiries. I have received a report from Bergi from one of my workers that enquiries regarding our activities were made from him also.  By ‘our activities’ I mean activities of Indian Christians.

2. I have Cot in my hand a booklet entitled ‘Arya Mitra’.  I have marked passages in it, which are objectionable, specially where the Arya Samaj programme is given.  The portion on page seven gives what they want to do. I have marked it.  This booklet is styled ‘Arya Mitra-Isai Mat Samikshank’ and is published from Lucknow.  The table of contents is given at the beginning of it. I am handing over the book to the Committee.

3. During my 22 years work in several places in Madhya Pradesh. I have found relations among Hindus, Christians and Mohammadans very cordial.  It is only recently since about a year or two that we have found opposition to our work and malicious propaganda against our community by Arya Samajists.

To Shri Bakshi-

4. When I refused to give to Shri Joshi the names of delegates from India he agreed that I should give him the names of foreigners only.  The Methodist Church has no headquarters in the world on international basis.  All non-Catholic Churches are federated into the World Council of Churches with their Headquarter at Geneva.

5. I did not enquire from the Sub-Inspector of Police, Bergi, as to what he had enquired from Prabhu Charandas and why. (Page 42 of the Directory of Churches and Missions in India and Pakistan 1951 edition shown to him.) These are the aims and objects of the National Christian Council of which the Methodist Church is a member.  We subscribe to the aims and objects given therein. I also endorse what is written there as regards the head offices of the above Council at New York and England.  There are foreign Missionaries of my Church working in Jabalpur. I cannot give their number now but I can give a list tomorrow.  The foreign Missionaries are here on invitation from the Church in India but they are paid by the Church in.  America.  They can also be sent away by the Church of India.  We keep a record of conversions made through our Churches, but I cannot just now give the number of conversions since 1947. I will furnish the list to the Committee after some days. (The certificate of baptism filed by Jalimsingh, shown to him.) The certificate is from our Mission.  The Arya Samaj is here since I was a child studying here in school.

6. Prabhucharandas is one of our workers at Bergi.  His educational qualifications are not high but as a worker he is very good.  Although our ultimate aim is to convert every body to Christianity as Commissioned by Our Lord, we do not convert persons coming to us by inducement or with any other ulterior motive.

No. 10


Name-R. J. Macwan.
Father’s name-Zinnabhai Macwan.
Occupation-Teacher in Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur.
Address-Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur.
Age-60 years.

I am a Professor in the Leonard Theological College, where Christian students are trained for Christian ministerial work. I associate myself with activities of general welfare of the people, for instance, in distributing milk-powder, contributing to flood relief fund, to Narad Memorial.  About milk-powder, it is distributed from the railway station to various agencies irrespective of caste, creed or religion.  We contributed during 1954 to the Prime Minister’s Bihar Relief Fund, and Rs. 101 to Narad Memorial Fund.

2. We sent from time to time three batches of volunteers from among our students to Bihar to help construction of houses and schools. (Witness was assisted in reply by Dr. Thomas, Registrar of the College.)

3. There is no truth in the allegation that in the distribution of milk-powder any partiality is shown to the Christian agencies.  There is no truth in the allegation which is maliciously brought against us that milk-powder is distributed only to the Christians or Christian Doctors.

To Shri Bakshi-

4. We had started a centre for social service at Bergi, but it has been discontinued since last year as Bharat Sewak Samaj started working there and we felt that there was no need for us to continue as they were doing the same work.  We used to distribute one or two barrels of milk-powder in a year according to the quantity received by us.  The choice of Bergi was not for the reason that it had any Christian population or it bad any predominantly backward population.

5. Our students come from various Churches in India and their expenses are met by the respective Churches or individuals or bodies that sent them.  Government of India pays the expenses of two Koreans.  The co-operating Churches, about seven in number, meet the salaries of the staff.  There are seven foreign nationals, mostly Americans in the college.

6. (To the question by Shri Bakshi, “What is the total amount of expenditure in your college?” Shri A. B. Shinde objects.  The question being allowed the witness answers).  “I cannot answer this question off-hand.  It is not possible for me to say even approximately the figure of the last year.”

7. In teaching comparative religion, we present other religions to our students in an appreciative manner and not in derogative manner.

No. 11

Father’s name-Rajaram.
Occupation-Fitter, Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur.
Address-Gun Carriage  Factory Quarters, Jabalpur.
Age-28 years.

To Shri A. B. Shinde-

I file a statement in writing.  The girls’ school is a Mission School and not Government school.  Apart from the building and some monetary help given by the factory the school is run by the Missionary.  No control so far as teaching and education is concerned, is of the factory.

No. 12

Name-F. M. P. Singh.
Father’s name-Phoolsingh.
Occupation-Headmaster, Christian High School, Jabalpur.
Address-401, Napier Town, Jabalpur.
Age-39 years.

The Christian High School is run by two Churches-Methodist and Disciples. This school was started in 1930.

2. From 1930 till 20th September 1954 there was no complaint against the school and no trouble arose.  Teaching of the Bible and Prayer were compulsory for all students and no trouble arose before September 1954.  From 23rd September 1954 compulsory Bible teaching has been abolished.  We are holding the prayer as before.  The Bible teaching is compulsory for the Christian students.  The Bible teaching was abolished because of the trouble.  The trouble arose not only on account of Bible teaching but also for other reasons.  Now the prayer, which is sung is that of a general form and not of a Christian form.  In this general prayer, we do not pray in the name of Christ but we pray in the name of God.  A copy of a text of this prayer is submitted before the committee.  This draft is in use since 23rd September 1954.  The former prayer used to be ex tempore but it did not materially differ from this prayer except that it ended in the name of Jesus Christ.  The five reasons for the trouble in the school are-

(1) suspension of a teacher,
(2) the teaching of the Bible,
(3) amount of amalgamated fund,
(4) alleged biased attitude of management against Hindu teachers and students, and
(5) alleged non-admission of non-Christians in the hostel.

One Saraf, a teacher in our school, was suspended for instigating the boys to indiscipline and strike.  Shri Saraf, was on the staff for 10 years from 1944 to I7th September 1954.  He distributed copies of the three typed sheets (shown to the Committee) and he was actually caught red-handed distributing these.  Of the three sheets, two are addressed to Shri Martin, the Manager of the School, the third one is not addressed to any one. I will file copies of all the three sheets.  Shri Saraf, was suspended on 17th September 1954 for six days and an enquiry was held by the Director of Public Instruction. I am submitting a copy of his report to the Committee.  The Director upheld the decision of the school in suspending Shri Saraf, and told him that in case he resigns, no action be taken by us against him.  We adopted the modifications proposed by the Director of Public Instruction.

3. There are at present nine Hindu and 10 Christian teachers in the staff. Formerly we had 10 Hindu teachers and nine Christian teachers.  The hostel is not run by the school but by the two Churches, one each.  The school does not interfere in the internal management of the hostels.  These hostels are meant for the school.

4. Shri Saraf resigned the post and so no action was taken against him.  But I understand that he has been given a Government job as teacher.  There are many other High Schools, Non-Christian non-Government, in which, so far as I know, there is not a single Christian teacher.  In my school there are 44 per cent Christian boys and 56 per cent non-Christian boys.  In other schools, which are above mentioned I cannot exactly say how many Christian and non-Christian boys are studying but I vaguely say that the number of Christian boys might be by 5 per cent.

To Shri Bakshi-

5. No warning was given by the Government to my school in connection with the trouble in September 1954.  Shri Saraf went against the discipline of the school inasmuch as instead of conveying to us the grievances of the students he instigated them to go on strike. , Among other things, the allegations on the question of compulsory teaching of the Bible were correct.  But he did not make any representation about this to the management.  There was no drama either played or rehearsed depicting Hindu Godess Kali and Hindu Gods in a disparaging manner, and extolling Christianity.  I did report against Ramnarayan Verma, Lalji Prasad and Narendra of the 10th class alleging apprehension of breach of peace by them.  In fact the first information report was not made by me. The City Magistrate and then the police enquired of me and it was in answer of that enquiry that I made the statement which I called report.  Before the enquiry was made from me I had called upon the guardians (parents) of these boys to furnish bonds for good behaviour of their wards in the school.  I had written letters on the 27th September 1954 to the guardians of the boys, but before that also I had written to their guardians to see me so that I may explain to them the indisciplinary conduct of their wards. I have not got a copy of that letter in the file that I have brought here. I shall furnish to the committee a copy of that letter.  The question about the apprehension of breach of peace of any kind by the students was not put to me by the City Magistrate and I did not tell him in regard to that.  In fact there was no apprehension of any breach of peace in my mind.  The students apologised to the management of the school and they continued to be on the school register.  They apologised orally for having taken part in the strike.

I do not know nor did I make any enquiry whether Ganesh Prasad was taking signatures from the students as mentioned by Janardhan or whether he went to Janardhanprasad.  I never knew the incident of Janardhan having been hit until I received a letter from Shankarlal, Janardan’s father.  The letter was given to me on the 2nd although it bears no signature. I called the class teacher Shri F. N. Mukerjee, who told me that while Ganesh Prasad was playing Kabaddi he fell on Janardhan and that is how Janardhanprasad was injured. I did not think it necessary to enquire into the complaint of Shankar Lal Bhatt regarding the allegation made in his letter that Ganesh Prasad had beaten his son because the latter refused to sign a paper brought by Ganesh Prasad, as the matter bad been reported to the Police.

To the question by Shri Bakshi that the province of the police was limited to the enquiry of offence in which they can interfere and not in the matter of school discipline like the one of taking signatures as complained in that letter.

The witness answers-

“As I had enquired from the school master that it was an accident and not a deliberate action on the part of Ganesh Prasad and further more when this case had been given to the police, I did not make any enquiry.”

Shri Bakshi asked “Is it a fact that you did not then realise that it was necessary for you to make enquiry into the allegation of collecting signatures by Ganesh Prasad on the paper as alleged by Shankarlal, father of Janardhan?” (By ‘then’ I mean after the witness received the report of this incident).

The witness replied-

“I did not think it necessary after the report of the class teacher who was asked to enquire into the matter, by me.  I gave a letter to Ganesh Prasad addressee to his father.  In that letter I bad asked Ganesh Prasad’s father to come and see me in connection with this all.  He did not come. I gave the letter before I enquired from Shri Mukerjee.  There are no freeships or scholarships in our school. We don’t have physical feats of students played on Nag Panchami day.  There are some schools where Nag Panchami is celebrated like this. But in ours it is not so. The students did ask to celebrate feats-of-arms on the Nag Panchami day but I declined their request, because we did no such functions before.  My reason was not that this was associated with Hindu culture and practices.”

No. 13

Name-Shri Sohanlal.
Father’s name-Shri Shaligram.
Address-25811, Kariya Pathar, Jabalpur.
Age-45 years.

I am B.A. (Hons.) and LL.B. I am Secretary of Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur, Arya Samaj and Secretary of Vedic Sanskriti Raksha Samiti, Jabalpur. I have submitted a supplementary memorandum and also answer to the questionnaire. It is incorrect to say that the Activities of the Arya Samaj are opposed to the Christian Community. The reason why such a charge is levelled against us is that while before the advent of Arya Samaj there were no reconversions to Hinduism, the Arya Samaj brings about reconversion of persons willing to come back to that religion.

2. I will file my statement in writing and hand over the same to the Committee on the 14th when the Committee returns from Sagar for a few hours.

No. 14

Name-Dr.  E. Emanuel.
Father’s name-Rajappan.
Occupation-Professor and Vice-Principal, Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur.
Address-Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur. 
Age-58 years.

I was Secretary of the Madhya Pradesh Conference of Methodist Church of Southern Asia.  My duties are very limited.  In fact they last for about only eight days in a year when the Conference meets.  The Ministers are appointed by the Bishopries in consultation with the District Superintendent, which includes the Cabinet.  Our Conference has to do: Evangelistic work.  We pass the character of every Director and if there be any unworthy work of his, we severely reprimand him.  Inducements and allurements will surely be reprimanded.  No case of such type came to the notice of our Conference.

To Shri Bakshi-

2. If there is any charge unworthy of a Christian Minister, it can be communicated by anybody, and by even a non-Christian.  It is then enquired into and that goes to the Conference Relations Committee, which investigates the case, and then it comes before the Executive Session of the Conference.  We take into consideration reports appearing in the Press regarding the conduct of any Minister.

3. All Ministers of the self-supporting Churches are paid out of indigenous funds raised locally.  But in case of Bishops their salaries are paid from Bishop Fund, which consists of money raised from all countries including America.  I am telling this not as Secretary, but in my personal capacity. I do not know how the non-supporting Churches are financed.  We Indian Christians, feel that we should be sell-sufficient and do not like to depend on aid from outside.  There is fraternal relation between all the Methodist Churches in the world.  It extends to financial assistance from one country to another, e.g., from India to America and America to India.

No. 15

Name-M. K. Banerjee.
Father’s name-S. C. Banerjee.
Occupation-Legal Practitioner, Jabalpur.
Address-Napier Town, Jabalpur.
Age-58 years.

I am a Hindu Brahmin.  I came to Jabalpur as a refugee from East Pakistan and my son had been a student in Christ Church Boys’ High School and is a student in St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur.  I have come across no propaganda in the school or in the college with a view to convert students to Christianity.  My son attended Bible Classes while in school.

2. During the whole course of education of my son in Mission schools, I had not found that anything was being done with a view to convert him to Christianity.

To Shri Bakshi-

3. I am a staunch Hindu and I have always been taking care that my boy is not influenced by any other religious teachings.  Majority of the converts to Christianity are from poor classes and Aboriginals but I know of some cases of people embracing Christianity who are rich and scholarly.

No. 16

Name-George Masih.
Father’s name-Gangappa.
Occupation-Painter, 506-Army Workshop.
Address-Ranjhi, Jabalpur.
Age-About 40 years.

I am a painter in the 506-Army Workshop, Jabalpur.  Formerly, I was a sepoy in the Supply Depot working as an orderly to Lt. Noor Mohammad at Gorakhpur., His neighbour, Capt. Morris, an Englishman, had an Ayah with whom I fell in love.  The Captain told me that unless I became a Christian he would see me dismissed. I then became a Christian, married the girl and remained a Christian for ten years.  Two months ago, I went to the Arya Samaj to have my Shuddhi ceremony and have come to my old religion. I have been reconverted with my wife and children.  After I had become a Christian, I had been to the Church only once or twice.  My original name was Ningappa and when I became Christian my name was changed to George Masih. I have, now, applied to the authorities of the Workshop to have my name changed from George Masih to my old name Ningappa.

To Shri A. B. Shinde-

2. I did say to my wife before marriage that since we loved each other, she should become a Hindu.  But she refused.  Capt. Morris had told me that since I had spoilt his Ayah, I should become a- Christian, otherwise he would see that I was dismissed.  For the last ten years I had been persuading my wife to embrace my old religion but she was not agreeing.  Lately, however, she happened to say herself that we should embrace our own religion.

No. 17

Name-Girja Kishore Kapoor.
Father’s name-Shri Naval Kishore Kapoor.
Age-52 years.
Address-Gorakhpur, Jabalpur.

I am the Vice-President of the Madhya Pradesh Branch of Bharatiya Jansangh here.  Yesterday I have handed over to the Committee a written statement.  In my statement I have written nothing from my own self. I have quoted passages from books and writings of the Christian Missionaries.  References to pages have also been given.  The desire to read Christian literature came to me when certain incident occurred regarding Jharkhand and in Naga Hills, when our Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, visited these places.  On going through their literature I felt convinced that whatever colour they may give to their activities of proselytization as being out of love, service, and if it is not covered by these, out of discipline and good manners, the real object is to create a political problem ultimately culminating in the demand of a separate “Isaistan”.

2. All my opinion is based on my study of the books and leaflets published by the Missionaries. I have not personally heard any preacher in Madhya Pradesh, or anywhere else advocating any such movement. I produce the book entitled “Masihi Awaj” of June 1954 number, issued from Raipur, at page 4 of which occurs:

""B©gmB©`m| H$s Bg hmbV _| ·`m `h _wZmog] Zht h¡ oH$ [moH$ñVmZ H$s Vah B©gmB©`m| H{$ ob`{ ^r ohÝXwñWmZ Am¡a [moH$ñVmZ Xm{Zm| _wëH$m| g{ O_rZ b{H$a EH$ ñWmZ H$m`_ oH$`m O`m.''

3. I also produce a leaflet entitled “Pap ki Duniya Men” published and issued by Mission Press, Jabalpur.  I produce the following “Ap Anant kal Kanha Bitawenge”, “Hinduism and Christianity”, “Tribal India Speaks”, “Whole World is my Neighbour” (pp. 1035-1036), “Christianity and the Asian Revolution” (pp. 91, 93, 280 and 281), “Communism and Social Revolution in India” (p. 76), “Adivasi Mahasabha Visheshank” (p. 34), “Catholic Dharma ka Prachar” (particularly pp. 32 and 33), “Hand-drawn map of proposed Jharkhand area”, “Catholic Directory for 1954 of India”.  (All -the books except the leaflets are to be returned.)

To Shri A. B. Shinde-

4. By “Demand for Jharkhand” my conclusion from the books that I have read is that it is really a demand for “Isaistan”.  This is harmful to the country.

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