Replies to Questionnaire concerning the area covered by Jashpur, Khuria and Udaipur of the Raigarh district


1 to 3.  No.


4.  Total number of conversions from 1947 up to date in Jashpur, Udaipur and Khuria (Raigarh district) is 546.  All are scheduled tribes.

5.  Both individually as well as in groups.  In the case of a family usually the whole family is baptised if the parents are willing.  The grownups are not baptised if they are not willing.

6.  It is the duty of every Christian to preach the Gospel to others whether individually or in groups.

7.  Individual Christians or group of Christians preach the Gospel wherever and whenever it is possible.  In Jashpur no preaching in public places.  Generally, non-Christians manage to learn the Gospel themselves coming either to a Pastor, to a pracharak or to any individual Christian.  The pracharaks are recruited locally.  Lutheran pracharaks in Jashpur do not get a regular and fixed emoluments.  There are some honorary pracharaks.  No rewards of any kind.

8. (a) No advancing of loans.
(b) Lutheran Church has no medical institution.
(c) to (g) No.
(h) No. but we preach Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the World.
(i) to (l) No.
(m) No fraudulent and unfair means.

9.  No matriculates and very few well-to-do people.

10. All Lutheran Christians are baptised as a result of religious conviction.  Before baptism a course of religious instruction is given.

11. Lutheran Christians are better Indians more loyal to their country.

12. (a) Wherever possible the preaching is done.
(b) In schools non-Christians are not given religious instruction.
(c) No hospital in Lutheran Church.
(d) No orphanage.
(e) Preaching may be done in bazar.
(f) May be done in fairs.
(g) Yes.
(h) No.

13.  No.

14.  No foreign missionary in the Lutheran Church.  Indian pracharaks not use offensive language.

15.  The pracharaks of the Lutheran Church belong to the locality.

16.  Lutheran pracharaks are under-matrics of various classes.  Emoluments not regular varying from Rs. 6 to Rs. 9 per mensem.

17.  Lutheran men are taught the Bible in the Church and in the special classes and pracharaks are selected from among those who attend these classes. No foreign training.

18.  A pracharak may have one or more villages according to the number of christians.  Pastors supervise the work of pracharaks.  Producing good character is the criterion of success of a Pracharak.

19.  Bible and Lutherís small catechism are used.  No pamphlets and tracts.

20.  No magic lantern no films and no loud speakers in the Lutheran church in this area.

21.  There is no such case.

22.  Bible classes are held for christians.  Dharam melas are held at which non-christians may participate.

23.  The Lutheran Church has no foreign missionaries.  Every Sunday in Lutheran churches prayer must be offered for Central and State Governments of India for Rashtrapati Rajpal and all in authority according to the Order of Service.  No foreign Government is mentioned.

24.  There are three non-christian agencies who are trying to re-convert christians, viz., the Hindu Mahasabhaits, the Arya Samajists and the R. S. S. men.  They are busily engaged all over the country with violent methods.  They act like Indian Nazis and Bolshevics.

The Aboriginal Welfare Department, also is making attempts to reconvert christians into Hinduism particularly through Ban Jati Kalyan Bibhag schools.  They offer service as inducement to christian people.


25.  No, but if the non-christian agencies are allowed to continue the violent methods, breach of peace is apprehended.

26.  No.

27.  Yes, of the Jharkhand Party.

28 to 30 No.

31.  Percentage is not known.

32.  Yes.

33.  Yes, definitely.

34 and 35.  No.

36.  No mission but Lutheran Christians are ready to co-operate in National Reconstruction efforts.

37.  The Lutheran Church has done.

38 to 40.  No.

41.  Religious rites such as workshop of Gram Devatas are given up, but good social customs like marriage customs, etc., are continued.  Dali Dhiba Mausari Kichri, etc., in connection with marriage and feet washing, etc., in connection with guests and such other good customs are continued.


42 to 45.  No.

46.  Four Lutheran Pastors are working in Jashpur, Khuria and Udaipur.  No foreign missionaries.

47.  The Indian Pastors have gone through a Bible course and they never worked outside the church.  Their income is not regular and varies from Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 per mensem.

48.  No foreign training.

49.  No foreign missionaries.

50.  The Lutheran congregations of Jashpur, Khuria and Udaipur are affiliated to the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chotanagpur and Assam, an indigenous and autonomous body registered in India.

51.  No regular income of the Lutheran church and so no regular budgets are made.  Workers get whatever little the poor Christians of the congregation can give as offerings to God.

52 to 54.  No.

55.  Bible and Lutherís small Catechism.  No tracts and pamphlets.

56.  No.

57.  The Lutheran Church has the following activities:-
(a) Religious exercises and activities-The result is seen in the good character of the true christians.
(b) Few schools are conducted particularly those at Ichkela and Sarhapani. These schools are not recognised although repeated applications have been submitted to the Education Department.  They are as old as 30 years or so.  It is earnestly requested that Government grants recognition to these schools.  Madhya Pradesh course is followed.

58.  There are church committees consisting of representatives of different congregations.  They consider all matters regarding the Lutheran church including cases of moral defalcations of christians.  Those found guilty are punished by excluding them from Holy Communion, a sacred rite of the Lutheran church.

59.  The Lutheran church is spread over Jashpur, Khuria and Udaipur irrespective of castes or tribes.  But almost entirely the Uraons make up the congregations.

60.  There are two centres of the church-1.  Ichkela 2. Sarhapani.  Both are about 50 yearsí standing.  Both are approachable by roads, but Sarhapani has a river to cross.

61.  No, but Ichkela being near Jashpur Nagar lies within easy reach of any officer.

62.  The Karamcharis meet whenever necessary and possible.  Minutes are kept of those meetings.  The actions and resolutions are communicated to the persons or bodies concerned.

63.  No. Spheres of influence may be crossed in this area.

64 and 65.  No.

66.  Interest of Indian Christians both Lutheran and Roman Catholic in the States Reorganisation commission was discerned.

67.  No mission.

68.  Not the Lutheran Pastors.


69 to 77.  No hospitals in the Lutheran Church.


78. In upper Ghat Jashpur-Ichkela, Mangal, Mahuatoli, Darigarha, Ranpur and Keondpani Neech Ghat-Sarhapani, Nariyal Dand, Goldih, Kononga, Pakritola.

These are unrecognised schools although repeated applications are being made for their recognition.  Reports are asked by Government officers and supplied for schools of Ichkela and Sarhapani.

Early arrangements may be made for the recognition of all these schools.  The syllabus of Madhya Pradesh is being followed in these schools.

79.  Discrimination regarding all these schools is clear.

80.  All schools are open equally to christians and non-christians.  At Sarhapani though unrecognised about 16 per cent of pupils are non-christian.

81.  No instance from Jashpur.

82.  No.

83.  Instead of fees, subscription is received from pupils.  No freeship or scholarships.

84.  Religious instruction is given outside the school hours.  Not compulsory.

85 and 86.  No.

87.  No non-christian teachers have joined the staff although it is open to all, perhaps because they are not recognised.

88.  Government holidays list is followed.

89.  Yes, definitely prayers are offered for our Government, both Central and Provincial, for all in authority and for legislatures, on the Independence and Republic days.

90.  No.

91.  Yes, at Sarhapani.

92.  Compulsory for christians only.  But in Adibasi schools and Boarding houses Hindu prayers are compulsory to all whether christian or non-christian.  Such practices are at Bandar Chuan (Narayanpur P. S.) Saggibhawna (Bagicha, P. S.) Barangjor (Narayanpur P. S.) Barjor (Pharsabahar P. S.) where christian children go to school.  This practice is reported to be in all Adibasi schools and boarding houses.


93.  No.

94.  No, but the old culture becomes enriched.

95.  No education is complete without religious education.

96.  Yes, prayer has been definitely found to be the means of recovery of patients.

97.  No.

98.  Religious freedom in a land means coexistence of religions.  Men must exercise tolerance one toward another.  Truth will overcome and will survive.

99.  Yes, if required. 


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