The 15th July 1954.

The Christian Missionaries Activities Enquiry Committee, Madhya Pradesh, met non-officials of Raipur and representatives of Hindus and Christians in the Circuit House, Raipur, on the 15th July 1954, at 8 a.m.

Deshpande, Pleader, on behalf of the Hindu community, stressed the point that due to the conversion the converts become anti-national.  He said that the methods of conversion were also wrong.

Professor Jainarayan Pande narrated the wrong methods of conversion.  He said that in the hospitals the patients were given free treatment with the condition that they would become Christians after recovery. When a patient is confined to bed and has no hopes of recovery, he is asked to pray to Christ, the only God, and not 33 crores of gods as in Hinduism, and He will save you. If the patient survives, he thinks, that it is Christ who saved him, and thus he is converted.

In the Christian schools, right from the primary stage the students are preached the Christian religion and at this tender age the boys having no knowledge of other religions or even of their own Hindu religion become staunch followers of Christianity.  There is also partiality in these institutions though there are no hard and fast rules laid down for this.

In schools, the Christian religion is preached even in school hours.

He also stated that there are four types of missionaries working in this area-American, Menonites, Roman Catholics and Evangelical.

Lala Gurudayal (Hindu Mahasabha) also gave out the wrong methods of conversion.  He said that, some months back, a Christian preacher had been to Raipur who used to preach that Christ can give sons to those who have none, can change the sex from girl to a boy and can give eyes to those who are blind. Many illiterates used to go to him and many people have been converted by him.

He also stated that the Christians, while preaching their own religion abuse the Hindu religion by saying that Lord Krishna was a thief, the water of the Ganges is impure and so on.  The conversions are also found in the lower castes.  There is every fear that, if these conversions are not checked, there is likely to be a move for separate national unit, such as, Pakistan.

Shri Rama Sharma said that the missionaries show some allurements for those who would be converted into Christianity, such as, free education, free medicine, etc.  They are also told that they would be married to educated girl if they are converted into Christianity and their status would also be raised.

Ganorwala said that the institutions in the cities by the Christian missionaries are simply eye-wash to show that they are doing human service, while in the rural areas their aim is different.  They try to convert the poorer and illiterate classes in great numbers.

One Samuel Mahalan (Christian) said that there were about 82 persons in the Leprosy Camp opened by the Christian missionary, but as soon as it has been taken over by Government they have changed their religion and have now become Hindus.  He could not say definitely, whether all of them at the time of admission into the Camp were Christians.

At Raja Talao, three Christian girls were converted forcibly into Hindus and were married to Hindu boys.

He also said that the Christian boys are asked to do ‘puja’ on Nag Panchami day and also Ganesh Puja.

Vasant Joshi narrated a story in which he said that at Basan Kala, a patwari, told him that his son was seriously ill who was about six years old. When he took the boy to the Christian hospital he was asked to pay the treatment charges and, if he was not in a position to do that he would be given the facility of free treatment on condition that he would change his religion.  The Patwari, therefore, did not admit the boy in the hospital.

One M.L.A. also said that the Christian are successful in their conversions in the lower castes due to their poverty and illiteracy.



15th July 1954.

The American Menonite Mission is functioning in this area.  They have a Leper Home at Shantipur about four miles away which accommodates about 400 patients suffering from leprosy-both males and-female-and children.  They have a general hospital at Dhamtari, a High School and a Normal School for teachers.  The population of Christians in Dhamtari is reported to be in the neighbourhood of 2,000 out of a total population of 25,000.  The Menonites are pacifists and some of the foreigners working in the local institutions are doing alternative service in India. These institutions receive grants from Government and non-Christians are freely admitted. A list of suggested topics for moral instruction classes, Dhamtari Christian Academy, Dhamtari, is attached.


Abstract of applications received on Tour of Raipur district

The 16the July 1954

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Nature of complaint and request
19 persons from Raipur Shortly there will be Christians raj. Inducement of land, free education, training in nursing, medical science and performance of marriages. Christian religion is international with financial backing from rich foreign countries. Prepared to give evidence when asked to do so.
Shrimati Minimata, Member of Parliament, Mowa, Post Kampa, Raipur.  Population of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in Chhattisgarh is 14 and 12 per cent, respectively. They are financially unsound, and illiterate. As such they fall on easy pray to diseases. Their caste rules are very strict and rigid. Untouchability is removed only in law and on paper. These circumstances compel them to get themselves converted to Christianity. The Chirstians promise them monetary help in critical times. One prominent satnami has been deceived in this manner in Kenwaradewari. The missioneries generally work in places where scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are in majority.
Shri Pandharirao Kridatt, Vice-President, Municipal committee, Dhamtari, Shri Girdharilal, Vice-President, Janapada Sabha, Dhamtari, and 
seven others. 
Mennonite Mission active in this area. It works in 11 batches. Besides, they employ their 12-schools and hospitals for the purpose. Paid pracharaks decieve poor villagers.  They abuse Hindu religion.  Inducements of free education, free medical aid, service and performance of marriage shown. They have summer and winter camps. Last camps were in Mothali and Maradeo villages, respectively. Christains have also women pracharaks.

In Mission schools admissions are given to Christians in preference to others. Staff also appointed from Christians. Moral instructions or bible is taught in schools as in Balodgahan. Same is the case with normal school.

All staff is Christian in hospitals.  Nurse, compounders and also paid pracharaks try to convert patients to Christian faith.

Their centre of sincerity is America and Americans.  They create ill feelings against Indian nationality.

They have no regard for Hindi.  One tailor in Dhamtari was asked to change his bill to English otherwise it was not accepted.

30 persons from Mathpora Inducements shown.  Hinduism abused and talk of anti-national things.
Ranjit Kumdr Dube, Chairman Nyaya Bhutpurva Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat, Patel Pithora, Member district Congress committee and executive member, tahsil Mahasamund, and 33 others. (Pithora Police Station, Mahasamund tahsil). Filthy propaganda by Christian pracharaks. Converted by making false chrges against many innocent people.  Christians get pay from America.  Try to create illfeelings against non-Christian religions and national leader.
Minu Isai Forced to sell land by threats. Did not get Rs. 250 as promised and 1.25 acres of land has been forcibly taken possession of by Christians.
Sakharam Patel from Rampur and.5 others. Christians abuse Hindu religion and Indian leaders. Inducements shown. There is danger to peace if Christian activities are allowed to continue. Will give more evidence if and when required.
Vishnuchiran Patel and 8 others of Baitari. Abuse Hinduism and Indian leaders. Show inducements. The terms used by Christians to abuse Hinduism are given.
20 of Barani. Padris harass those who have come back to Hinduism.
11 from Talagaon There is fear of spread of sampradaikata (Communalism) as pracharaks come from Jagdishpur and do prachar.
17 from Pathrela As above.
29 of Bhikhapali As above and inducements of land and education.
Awadhnarayan and 47 others Basna. Work of pracharaks goes on round about Basna and in mission hospitals.  Public annoyed at the way of prachar.  Abuse Hindu Gods and leaders and create feelings of hatred (Sampradayikata). Inducements shown and advantage taken of poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, etc. Threats are given to those who embrace Hinduism again.
38 from Dhabhakhar Abuse Hindu religion and spread sampradayikta.
38 from Dhabhakhar Unsigned (Table giving comparison between Christians and Hindu hoardings run by Christians.). Abuse Hindu religion and spread sampradayikta. Building is weather proof for Christians. For others it is bad in summer and rains. More space per student in Christian hostel. Christian students are free; others charged Re. 1. There is light in front of Christian hostel; for non-Christians there is no light in front of the hostel. Compound for Christian hostel, whereas no compound for non-Christian hostel even though things are often stolen, away from there. Servants appointed in Christian students hostel; boys themselves have to work in non-Christian hostel.  Medicine supplied to each student in Christian hostel and no charges are taken for major treatments.  No medicine arrangements for non-Christians and charges are taken for major treatments when boys are ill.
Gunonidhipal and 23 other Christians of Jagdishpur. Complain against Dr. Dester and Sevabhavan.  Amount charged for lorries and Jeeps of Sevabhavan and used for purposes other than those for which they are meant.  The people have been kept in misery by teaching them habits of costly living.  Complaint against American missionaries.  Their missionary conference is separate.  Their budget is not made known to public.
The 18th July 1954.
Gajadharprasad Pande, Janpad Sabha, Mahasamund. Makes the following suggestions:-
(1) All converts write Indian names also.
(2) No religious instructions to be allowed in schools.
(3) All foreigners should be asked to work under the leadership of Indian National Church and passports should be given to persons recommended by the Indian National Church.
Shri S. Sen, Pleader Experience of school days:-Study of Bible and Sunday schools was compulsory in mission school.  Nationalist outlook was tabooed.  Created pro-American ideology by profuse use of their wealth.
Nakul Pradhan Mantri. Jila President, Akhil Bharatiya Satnami Mahasabha. Tahail Mahasabha Satnami Samaj and Indradeo Tandon. Satnamis are converted because in spite of ex-Government rules they are not treated properly by caste Hindus. Government should do everything to better their conditions of life and remove the differences. This will stop conversion.
Jayashanker Sharma and 16 other residents of Mahasamund. Prachar was done formerly in scheduled castes only.  Now they do it openly everywhere.  Call bad names to Hinduism.  Say that English Raj was better.  Instigate people to become Christians in large numbers and demand Christian Raj as Nagas and Jhar Khand Congress Government has done no good to you.  Prayers are compulsory in St. Thomas Hospital.  After prayers, lecture calling bad names to Hindu Gods.  They use Red Cross, but charge money for services rendered.  They aim at anti-national propaganda.
Krishnakumar Shukla, Deokinandan and Chandrabhan Agrawal. A case of Khallari village is quoted.  Doctor of Thomas Hospital comes with certain persons to villages and calls bad names to Hindu Gods and says that if they become Christians, they will get everything.  We receive plenty of foreign aid.  They blame idol worshippers.  A compounder of Thomas Hospital came to bazar to make propaganda of his religion.
Amarnath, a resident of Simga. Cattle are slaughtered, their flesh eaten and skin sold by persons at Ganeshpur.  It is likely that stray cattle are also slaughtered.  Seven persons mentioned as witnesses and seven as the culprits.
Seven from Simga Abuse and call bad names to Hinduism.  Conversion through hospital and schools.  Government should take over these institutions.



The 16th July 1954.

In the interview with officials on 16th July 1954 at Raipur Circuit House, the following information was supplied by the officials present in reply to questions put to them.

Mission schools are self-sufficient.  They receive grants from Government.  Discrimination in appointment of staff may have been shown in Christian schools.  Mrs. Raje went into the text-books on morality prescribed in Christian schools, but she did not find anything contrary to rules in them.  Bible classes are held before the school hours.  In schools there are no Bible classes, but prayers before the studies begin. All Christian schools are recognised.  In the form of admission it is stated ‘I agree to abide by the rules’ and guardians sign the agreement without knowing what it is.  This is one of the ways of conversion unconsciously.  It was considered desirable that the authorities concerned should do checking of these forms in their regular inspections, though there are no complaints in the matter.  There are 1,053 primary schools in three districts, out of which 12 are managed by Christians. There is one Mission middle school and the rest are 20 in number.

There is no complaint about hostility against each other.

There are no complaints about admission of patients to hospitals.  The leprosy hospital was managed by the Mission authority prior to 1947.  The Mission has headquarters in London.  There were 236 patients then-86 Christians and the rest non-Christians.  Now there are only three Christians.  A complaint was made by the Christians to the Deputy Commissioner, that Christians patients were asked to change their religion and undue pressure was brought to bear on them.  An enquiry was made into the matter and the patients said that they were willingly going back to their own religion, viz. Hinduism.  There is only one Government leprosy institution, two are non-Christian and the rest are managed by Missions.  Majority of the patients have become Christians.  There are complaints of undue pressure by non-Christian patients.  These papers may be available in Nagpur.  Majority of the leper home staff is foreign, even for non-technical jobs.  There were some complaints made to the Leprosy Specialist by the patients.  Government aid is granted at the rate of Rs. 10 per patient per month.  The patients do not make complaint because they have to stay in the institutions. One Girdharilal, who was in Champa Leprosy Home, said at Ghogranala that patients from mission leprosy hospitals have come out of leprosy homes and settled outside the homes, because they do not like to change their religion.  The grounds for their leaving the Mission leprosy homes are disciplinary action, bad treatment, etc.  This is the case not only in Champoli (Champa?) but at other places also.  The patients are very few Christians there.  The whole administration is run by mission Gabers.  London is their headquarter.  Mahars, Kahars, Telis and Satnamis are generally converted.

The policy of Catholics is to have as many Indians within their fold as possible.

In a children’s nursery, if the children refused to go to church, they are kicked.

Christians in some tribal areas do not get the same concessions as are admissible to aboriginals.  They do not live like aboriginals, e.g., do not observe Karma dance, marriage customs, etc.

In some cases it was noticed that Christians used the word ‘invasion’ with a view to assimilate people.



The 17th July 1954.

Shri Ramlal Dube and Banarsidas: There are many converts in Fulzar State.  Inducements are shown.  In 1942, there were many conversions, because there was control on yarn and villagers were given yarn by way of inducement.  Garagharsia caste people are converted on a large scale.  The missionaries receive financial aid from America and other foreign countries.  There is one supervisor with eight pracharaks under him.  The conversions are mainly because Hindus do not care for the Garagharsias, and they are poor and illiterate.  There is discrimination in Jagdishpur Christian High School hostel.  There is no fee for Christians, whereas for others they charge Rs. 31. There is no change in the moral of converts. Ganda and Garaghasis do not intermarry even on conversion.

Shri Obel Wani.- I am a Christian by birth.  Father also a Christian.  Grand-father was converted perhaps after the famine of 1867, when he left Durg district and came to settle in Baloda Bazar tahsil. He was appointed to work as a pracharak after conversion.  The payments are made out of Church Fund and Mission Fund. The main body is the Chhattisgarh Orissa Church Council of the United Church of Northern India started by Evangelical Church of America, but now it is completely managed by Indians.  The headquarters of this is in Raipur, and its head is Rev. M. D. Wani who lives in Mahasamund. The institution does evangelical work and the management of church in this area.  There are three centres in the villages in my charge.  Pracharaks use certain books.  These will be handed over to the Tahsildar. (To be obtained from the Tahsildar.) We go to a villages, whether there are Christians or not, and have open air meetings. When a man is suffering, we tell him our meaning of death, what Jesus said about death and the message of Jesus.  In illness, we say people should believe in superstition, how one should get over the disease etc.  The object of my preaching is to obey the command of my Lord Jesus Christ, and to give new life to a man. 450 villagers have been living in this village who are Christians. I came here in 1947, and have converted 25 persons in seven years. I give monetary help to Christians, but I have not given any help to non-Christians.  A man will confess what sins he committed and open his heart.  This is taken as his willingness to embrace Christianity.  Change of religion is not for a position, but it is for a life.  There is difference of thought regarding going to heaven, etc., among the Christians themselves.  Converted people live better life than their non-Christians brothers.  They put on clean cloths, go to church, give up certain bad habits such as drinking, etc.  No Christian has been reconverted to Hinduism.  There is also no trouble from Government servants.  About financial aid, 75 per cent of the money comes from the Mission, mainly evangelical mission.  Boarding house was built with American money. I received Rs. 120 as salary plus Rs. 23 as allowances.  Rs. 3 is the increment.  I shall get 150 as the maximum of my salary. I can get any higher responsibility, but there will be no change in salary.  A church elects certain members of the church as managing members.  Even a layman is elected to this post.  His record of work, character, qualifications are also taken into account.  We have to retire at the age of 55 and we get provident, fund. I contribute two annas per rupee and the same amount is contributed by the church. I am not a graduate. I am a graduate in theology from Jabalpur.  When parents become Christians, their children also come under the Christian fold.

Moderator.- I am B. D. and, therefore, I get Rs. 10 more as pay. I get the same pay as Mr. Wani. I am elected for a term of three years.  We are servants of the Church and not of missions.  All Christians are supposed to pay 1/24th of their income.  Generally one-tenth is given.



The 17th July 1954.


The Committee visited the school, hospital and printing press run by the Mennonites here.  In the school, they found that the girls were all Christian in the class visited by them.  It was told that 46 students were Hindus out of 184 students in the classes visited by them.

In the hospital it was observed that the whole staff is Christian.  There were sayings of Jesus on walls.  Patients have to pay fees, irrespective of their religion.

In the printing press, four students were Hindus and 4 Christians.  It was seen from the books printed that literature on Christianity is available at Christian Book Depot, Raipur.

The Chairman at the outset of the meeting explained the purpose of the enquiry and assured a fair, impartial and open enquiry.

Shridatt Sharma of Delhi - Schools and hospitals are no doubt good, but the object in running them has to be noted.  There is no Government rule that persons should be appointed on the staff from a particular community only.  A boy of Sakra was told that if he became Christian, he would be given free education, and I can quote many more instances and give evidence. In the hospital also, patients are asked to pray to Jesus and to go away if they do not believe in Jesus. Mahajan Rameshwar’s son was admitted to hospital on the payment of usual charges viz., Rs. 5, but he was asked to quit the same day because I stay with his father. Santosh Wari, a teacher of Sakra told him that the Christians abuse Hindu Gods like Ram and Krishna. I can produce evidence. There were five Pracharaks per village.  They have been preaching since the last 30 years.  Only poor and innocent are converted. We have no objection if they preach, but their methods are objectionable.

Gunnidhipal, son of Shamsunder of Jagdishpur.- A palak, Christian by religion.  Living in Jagdishpur since the time the mission was not in existence in that place.  Some persons of Kandadongar sold their lands at the instance of missionaries and went to Mudidih and now they are in a bad state.  Good treatment is not given by the principal of the school.  Eleven persons were fined by the panchayat on the false charge of making balwa. In 1950 more than one parties were created by missionaries. Missionaries were asked to give up Christianity.  Baptist and Mennonites are working here.  I belong to Church of Christ.  (He was degraded on punishment by Mennonites).  I showed the atyachars of Saraipalli people. I am not a paid Pracharak, but I do Prachar.

Tranonidhi Pal - A palak.  My brother has not given the correct information.  Kandadongar people were not Christians first.  At their request we made arrangements for them at Mudidih.  They wanted to take away the land permanently, but missionaries did not allow them to do so and therefore they are making this complaint.  No inducements are shown for conversion.

Jageshwar of Jagdishpur - A Christian. - I worked for about eight to nine hours under the Memsab and went home.  Next day I was not given work nor my pay.

Lochankamar - Christian. - We were treated as less than dogs, out now missionaries have given us life and educated our children. Jakeshwar was a chaukidar at Memsab.  He committed theft at the bungalow and, therefore, he was removed from service by Memsab.

Sundersingh – Christian. - I  was a beggar being blind. My mother is also blind. Nobody cared for us.  Missionaries came to me and they took me in their fold. I have got wife, children and their education by the favour of missionaries.

Bishnucharan, Malguzar of Bitori. - Inducement of free education, and abuse Hindu religion and Gods.  No school having higher classes is opened b the Christians in his village.  Homer Pastors brother became Arya Samajist because of internal differences.

John Gordia. - I am the first boy in Fulzar and Deori houses to be so educated.  My parents were scheduled caste.  During the period of famine, missionaries came to this land like God and helped us.



The 17th July 1954.


Local M.L.A. opened the meeting with his speech, and Chairman explained the object of the enquiry.

Narsingdas: Came from Delhi some eight years back.  I tell a story of Chandkhuri hospital.  We were called for prayers, the next day we were admitted to the hospital.  Same was the case when I went there after two years.  In front of Seth Santlalji’s house, there is a library.  When Shridatt Sharmaji was taking about eight persons from Dhabakhar to Saraipaili for shudhi, Dr. S. Bamwar and compounder Yudhistir who were standing at the above spot, said that the persons were dogs.  They would not give them medicine.

Isabux (Christian): Dr. Dester and his Sevabhavan are bogus things. I have been troubled by American gang too much.  Christians cut prohibited trees in forests.  My father, who was also a Pracharak, reported the matter to Shri Sapre, Manager, Court-of-Wards.  My father was put in custody for some time.  Here, there is American imperialism.  Mr. Hooper and Mr. Gardiner may be good.  The permits of foreigners are renewed every year on 31st October.  Sevabhavan is a money-making factory. I have written Fulzer Charitra. (He is requested to present it to the Committee.) I did not get a single job for the last 26 to 27 years.  When I said that Geeta punishes a sinner, the missioners said that Jesus pardons sins, and from that day the are hostile towards me.  Dr. H. E. Dester, St. Moyar, J. R. Drakeyson, Dr. Bawan will renew their permits in October this year, because they have to do so every year.  Their permits should not be renewed by Government and they should be asked to go back to their countries.

In Mohadi, Champa, Janjgir, Korba and Jagdishpur, there is a committee and they have got their own rules and laws about grave-yard, etc.  There are Christian funds, such as, Pastor Fund, Poor Fund, Conversion Fund, Widow Fund.  There is no account about this.  Money comes from America.  I have moved in missionary melas.  They tell lies.  They are mad after luxury. They will prove worse than the British.  Mennonite is a gang.  They earn about Rs. 30 per day in the hospital. (To get a report from Deputy Commissioner about foreign missionaries in the district.) Dr. Dester is here since the last 25 years.  Inducements of free education, advantage of ignorance are used for conversion.  This is a denominational church.  The Pracharaks get their pay, food, clothing, children allowance, etc., I have never worked for the mission. I have worked for the Church of England for three years in Benares.  There are 280 churches all over the world.  I belong to the Disciple of Christ Church.  There are seven branches in Madhya Pradesh.  They are Evangelical, Disciple of Christ, Mennonite, Payadhoona, Mennonite Chhirkal Swedish at Sagar, Church of Scotland, Holmer’s Association and Roman Catholics.  In Chhirka, only water is sprinkled on adults and blessings are given to children.  There is Bible teaching prior to this ceremony.  There was robbery in my house three times and I have reason to believe that it was done by doctor’s men.  There is no account of American money. The Indian Christian Association Branch has not been allowed to be formed in Fulzer.

Kishori Mohandas: In Gidhli, Tulsiram Mandir’s pujari, by name Mukteswar Panda, patwari of Tosgaon, thana Basna, was shown inducement of Rs. 2,000. She is the wife of a boy from Amapai.  He is a patwari in Bilaspur district, perhaps in Janjgir.  He was taken to other place.  He was not given the money, but he was told that when his wife was converted, he would get the money.  When he took his wife and got her converted, he was given the money.  Basudeoji Mishra.  He has made a complaint about this to the Jabalpur Congress Bhavan.  This is a case of 1953.

Inducement of peppermint, new dhoti, is also shown for conversion.  I am a scout.  Mr. Thisan, Principal of Jagdishpur School, said that your boys are coming here not to take education but to make agitation and he refused them admission.

Yudhistir Kumar (Christian): I worked in Jagdishpur Hospital for the last 16 years.  People came for bhajan willingly.  They are not brought by force.  Contradicts the statements made against Dr. Dester.  Now, I am not a compounder there.  I had a quarrel with the doctor, because I gave an injection without his permission.  Some Hindus said, that the Christian religion is a religion of ‘Vaishya’s santan’; and I, therefore, spoke to them (as stated above). I did not call them dogs. I called them dog-like.  There is facility given to Christians in hospitals that less fee is charged to them.

Surajbhan Gupta: In Vikhapali, there is a pastor. He gives loan and does prachar. Jagdishpur men go there. Rushi, a Harijan, has been reconverted to Hinduism.  He has been told that, if you become Christian again, we will not demand money from you.  Rs. 30 recovered from him.  Rushi was advanced loan. He was never asked to repay it (Rs. 45).  When he became Hindu again, demand was made from him.

Benjamin (Christian): Bible is taught in mission schools, but Hindu boys are not compelled to become Christians. I am a pracharak of Jharbhandh. There are three villages in my charge and 36 pracharaks in my circle.  I get a pay of Rs. 41 and dearness allowance of Rs. 11. Wherever we have got churches, there is a pracharak for 2 to 3 villages.  We tell truth to the non-Christians, but we do not compel them.  The object of my preaching is to meet Jesus and I have got good company thereby, i.e., dharma.  There are no schools in charge. There are 36 Pracharaks in one circle, i.e., two police thanas. I am a Mennonite.  Pay is given according to seniority and qualifications. Minimum is Rs. 35 to Rs. 40. My place of birth is Ichapur near Saripali. I became Pracharak after two years of my passing matric.  Before that I was a teacher in Janapad School.  There I was getting Rs. 50. I am a born Christian. Eprian was my predecessor.  He is even now a Pracharak. He is in charge of only one big village having 50 Christians.  In my three villages there are 24 Christians.  There are now new converts. 150 persons have been converted to Christianity in my circle during the last few years.

Bhagwanprasad Hota: I was a student of Jagdishpur High School.  Religious books were given to patients and doctors expected the patients to be reading them when they paid visits.  Doctors abused even Hindu religion. Mr. Harry, a Pracharak of Gwalior, had been there.  He called bad names to Hindu religion.  There is devotion (prayers) in schools.  This is a matter of 1951.  I was not compelled to attend devotion, but as a school rule I had to go. Attendance is taken in class and then boys are asked to go to prayer

Isabux: Expressed fear of revenge.

Tarachand of Basna: Complains against doctors of Jagdishpur.

Joseph Ganda of Jagdishpur: Contradicts the allegations made against Sevabhavan.  Bhagyawati of Rusda, a patient of small-pox, has, been given complete help.

Miss Danwar (Indian Christian): Born in Champa in Bilaspur district. Mission did not give any help to me and my eight brothers for education. Bharat Darpan gives history of Christians.  Padris did not come from Europe America.  I do not be g to any church.  I am a member of the Indian Council of Church.  My own men do not appreciate my work because I do not belong to any particular church.  The Christians perhaps think that I come in their way and therefore they do not appreciate my work.

The Chairman thanked the audience and requested them to maintain brotherly relations irrespective of their caste or religion.



The 18th July 1954.

Hiralal Agrawal, Janpad Councillor: Sermons from Bible are given in Dr. Samuel’s private dispensary, some of which are offensive to idol worshippers.

Jatashankar Sharma: Criticises Samuel’s hospital.  Red Cross is prominently displayed.  Patients are required to offer prayers.  They abuse Hindu Gods.  Speeches are delivered in bazars that boys are cured by becoming Christians and die by remaining Hindus.  I have heard this by my own ears and reported the matter to police. Inducements shown. Antinational prachar is done.  Instigated to combine and demand Isaistan. Dr. Samuel is here since the last five years. I cannot say how many persons have been converted during this period.  Christians had taken about 20 persons to Birkon for conversion.  When we got the news, we went there and explained to the persons concerned.  They did not thereupon become Christians.  Much amount is being received and many pracharakas are given amounts since the last two years.  Dr. Samuel’s quotation from the Revelation.  It is just one verse.”

""[a S>a[m{H$m| Am¡a Aodídmog`m| Am¡a oKZm¡Zm| Am¡a IwZr`m| Am¡a ì`o^Mmna`m| Am¡a Q>m{Ýhm| Am¡a _yoV©[yOH$m| Am¡a PyQ>m| H$m ^mJ Cg Prb _| o_b{Jm Om{ AmJ Am¡a J§YH$ g{ ObVr h¡.''

Dr. Samuel: We preach in the hostel, in the bazar and in villages, but we do not preach compulsorily. I have no certificate giving me exemption of excise duty.

Shri Mani (Moderator): Nobody has complained that my Prachar is offensive. (A report was made about this to police.) Khalari bazar case is that my Pracharak in Bhorgaon was taken out of his house by the Seth’s son and I reported the matter to police.  Hindus have not raised any objection except this time to Christian preaching.  Hindus have given a report to cover up my report. No conversion in the last three years since the time I have come.

Dr. Samuel (in continuation of what already stated): Idolatry is condemned in Bible.  We Christians do not worship images.  As a Christian we do propaganda of our religion.  It is listed among the sins given in the Bible.  I have nothing to do with politics.  I do not make any statements in the bazar.

Deonath Sastri of Bhoring: My wife was kidnapped by a Christian.  There is no trace of her. She was taken in the night at 12 o’clock in my absence.  M. D. M. Singh took her away. The matter has been reported to police.  It is two year old.  She had ornaments on her person. An abortion was done by Singh.

Shri Mani: M. D. M. Singh used to do prachar before I came here.  He made an Akhil Bhartiya Satnami Sangh and, therefore, when I came here he was dismissed by our body.  He kidnapped the wife of Deonath and, therefore, he was excommunicated.  There is one other Pracharak who also did similarly.  He got entangled with one Christian girl.  He was also excommunicated.  Very often we are duped in cases of conversion.  People come for other than religious motive.  Therefore, we have made a rule that we will see his life for two years, whether he comes to the church, whether he pays his contribution and whether he is honest.

Chandrapal of Sakra: A bachha was found near the shop of a darji.  The Darji was influenced by Christians and he was made to keep the bachha and his mother who was a Christian.  This is one year old incident.

The people present said that they had no objection if anybody embraced Christianity by conviction.

Local M. L. A.: The act of Dr. Samuel is bad from the profession point of view.  The doctor himself beats drum and makes prachar of his religion.  The doctor should not do this.  If there is any unrest, the responsibility will be of the doctor.  There is every possibility of unrest if Christians continue their activities.

Shri Mani: I was appointed by the Chhattisgarh National Church Council.  I am the President at present.  When I was appointed there was some other president.  Had I been a servant of the mission. I would have got pay as Gurbachansingh.  He receives a pay of Rs. 515 per mensem from the Evangelical Mission.

Shri Sen, Pleader: Gurbachansingh is a pro-American person.  American money is being flowed into India.  A national-minded man like Shri Mani was not given the opportunity of going to America, but Gurbachansingh was selected because he is pro-American.

Shri Mani: Missionaries wanted that I should serve them. But I do not want to serve them. I want to serve Church.

Chairman thanked the audience and informed them that this is preliminary, and we will record evidence after some months.



The 19th July 1954.


Chakrapani Shukla, M.L.A., of Baloda Bazar, and Chairman, Janpad Sabha: A man from mouza Khandwa, by name Badhai Satnami Sukhadeo, went to get himself treated for leprosy (Kod).  Pracharaks went there from Simga and told him that he should get his family converted.  He was prepared to get converted alone.  But they insisted on the family's conversion.  Simon Pastor and other five persons were responsible for this prachar.

Sitaram of Simga: When I took my daughter-in-law for delivery to Tilda hospital, I learnt there that people were told to become Christians.  I am afraid that by saying such things they will not care for me from next time.

Narsoba Bhonsle: Manglue Kewat of Simga was taken to Bisrampur in service.  He was ill.  He was converted taking advantage of his illness.  This was seven years ago. Six to seven women tried to make prachar here, but they were not successful, because in 1940 it was experienced in Bisrampur that Christians were not helped by Padris when there was famine.

It was told that there are no Christians in Simga proper.

The Chairman concluded the meeting by advising the people to live peacefully and in co-operation.



The 19th July 1954.

Persons from Bhatapara also present. Bhatapara 11 miles from Bisrampur.

C. R. Lodge, headmaster of local high school: There is a primary school and a clinic (leper) here.  There are 110 lepers, out of whom two are Christians. This was formerly a mission village. There was only forest. Now 1800 is the population and majority of them are Christians.  Non-Christians live on the border of the village.  There is no conversion during the last four or five years.  All are born Christians here.  No responsible missionary posted here at present.  Marwari, Lohar, Raut and Kewats live here.  Christians do cultivation also.  This is the first mission station established in Chhattisgarh in 1868.  This was started as a sort of rest camp.  There is only one pastor by name R. N. Jacob. I was educated in Jhansi in American institution, was teacher in St. Paul’s at Raipur.  My pay at present is Rs. 165 per mensem.  Regarding school fees, I have to give an account to Government.  All have to pay fees of Rs. 2-14-0.  Those who are poor and whose parents are members of Church (40 out of 60) get their fees paid by the Church.  There are 60 per cent non-Christians in freeships given under Government rules.  We have religious teaching in the school outside school hours and it is optional.  We have taken written statements from the guardians of pupils.  Six annas are taken from all, because it is games fee.  All are given books free and we collect Rs. 3 as rent of the books per year.  There are five teachers in middle and eight in primary schools.  XII are Christians.  There are cases of boys and girls going out for higher education from this place.  There are three non-Christian students who do not attend bible classes.

Chiranjilal Marwari: There is a propaganda going on here that Congress has been given Raj for 10 years and British Government will come after that.

Balbadprasad Shukla, M.L.A., from Bhatapara: Both the primary and the middle school are Government aided.  All staff is Christian. Christian boys have to pay Re. 0-6-0 and non-Christians have to pay Rs. 2-14-0 in middle school.  No fees in primary.  Freeships are given only to Christian boys.  In Baitalpur there is a dispensary.  It was closed for two years for want of a doctor.  No doctor was appointed because Christian doctor was not available for service.  In meetings held by missionaries, no time is allowed for other (non-Christians) to make any speech.  In Mungeli tahsil, Ratiram’s son has been converted to Christianity in Kewatdabri mouza (he has been request to send the matter in writing).

Ganpatrao Naidu of Bhatapara: Cows are slaughtered in Ganeshpur near Bisrampur.  There is no evidence.  But it is suspected that this is done by Christians.  A cow has been slaughtered today in Marrakona.  Bible period should not be allowed even outside school hours.

Hariram Agrawal of Bhatapara: I had taken my mother to Tilda Hospital before three years.  There five to seven girls used to come in the afternoon between 12 and 3 and they brought pictures with them of Ram, Krishna and Jesus.  They would keep picture of Krishna and say that he was Badmash, Ram was disobedient ; and because these Gods of Hindus are sinners themselves, Hindu dharma cannot give salvation from sin.  They would then produce Jesus’s picture and say that he would give salvation from sin. He sacrificed his life for that.  This was done in General Ward where there were about 50 patients.  I do not recollect the names, but I shall be able to identify the girls. At Bhagela, a Hindu boy saw a dream that he could become Christian and marry a Christian girl.  He married the girl by conversion.

Bajirao Niru, M.L.A., Bhatapara: There was a quarrel with Macha Bhat.  He was converted to Christianity by saying that his quarrel will be settled if he became a Christian.  A pamphlet has been printer and distributed.  It is mentioned in the pamphlet that Padri has come by crossing seven seas for the benefit of people. I will send the book to the Committee.

Reverend Gurbachansingh: Dr. Gulhati was a Hindu doctor at Tilda.  Private practice is not allowed in mission hospitals, and, therefore, no one is willing to accept the job.  Pastors do not say that Congress raj is for 10 years.  This may be the loose talk in village people and pastors have nothing to do with this.  In the Christian Mela no one is allowed to speak, because it is a Chhattisgarh Christian Mela for Aradhana, and it has been accepted by Government as a fair.

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