A Glimpse of Mission Finance

The following figures of foreign funds flowing to a few of the Christian organisations in India during 1986, were provided by the Government of India. There are several hundred such organisations spread all over the country.

We have taken the figures from Hinduism Today which cited them in its issue of October, 1987:

1. Anand Niketan Ashram, Gujarat 1,435,000
2. Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel, Andhra Pradesh 17,548,000
3. Bhagalpur Prefecture Association, Bihar 5,603.000
4. Christian Institute for Study of Religion, Bangalore 6,741.000
5. Church of North India Childcare Centre, New Delhi 20,568,000
6. Comprehensive Rural Operations society, Hyderabad 22,092.000
7. Indian Baptist Mission, Bangalore 5,253,000
8. Indian Evangelical Church of Christ, Hyderabad 1,558.000
9. Partnership Mission Society, Seilmet, Manipur 6,012,000
10. Rural Action in Development, Andhra Pradesh 1,008,000
11. Eight(8) Catholic Dioceses 57,709,000


Note: We have not tried to collect figures for more Christian organisations or subsequent years. We do not have to document the fact that foreign funds flowing to Christian missions are fabulous.

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